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What will you do when your Macs aren’t covered by Warranty?

Macs play an increasingly important role in Enterprise and Education markets; and, therefore, it is important that your Mac hardware is protected against faults, damage and inevitable wear and tear.

Protecting your device(s) warranty

Apple have put in place a number of key requirements to ensure that your Mac gets the highest level of service and its hardware’s warranty is not invalidated when you send it in for a service, repair or upgrade. These include:

  • Only allowing Apple authorised parts to be sourced.
  • Only allowing Apple Authorised repair centres to fit the parts.
  • Tough regulation on the environment the repair is carried out in and processes the repair must follow.

Failure to meet these can invalidate the warranty.

Scales of Apple Warranty

For the first year of an Apple device’s life, Apple provides 1 year warranty that covers all parts and labour.

You can also choose to take out the “Apple Care Protection” (APP) plan, which covers your Mac hardware for the subsequent 2 years.

However, as your Mac enters their 3rd year of usage or are over 1 year old, without APP, this presents many companies with a very difficult decision:

Do you:

a)  Refresh your entire Mac fleet with new devices.

b)  Continue to use the devices but risk potentially hefty repair bills over the next few years?

As experienced tech users, we all know that Murphy’s Law hates gadgets!

Typically, Murphy’s Law tends to kick in the day after your warranty runs out and your cat decides to knock your MacBook off the table… or worse.

Amsys Alternative

Amsys offer organisations with a large Mac fleet another option. Devices over 3+ years old (or over one year without an extended warranty) can be enrolled in our “Break / Fix Contract.”

From as little as £105 per year, this hardware contract covers:

  • All parts,
  • All labour,
  • All carriage,
  • All diagnostics,
  • Priority repair service.

If you want to find out how you can continue to insure your Apple Devices, without having to renew your entire fleet, or pay for Out of Warranty repairs; then please contact me (Henry Capper), email or call 0208 660 9999.



2 Replies to "What will you do when your Macs aren’t covered by Warranty?"

  • cashxx

    In my 12 years of experience with 300 clients we have always had our Mac issues in the first year or two. Once fixed then they are usually fine. Right now we have about 200 clients and all are about 5-7 years old. During the first couple of years of each product we had one here and there that may have required a hard drive replacement or logicboard replacement with a total of number maybe 6 or so. Since then they have all been pretty stable, knock on wood!! But over my years its usually been the same story with PowerMacs, Mac Pro’s, iMacs. I keep track of all the parts ordered over the years in an excel sheet and total repairs have been about 40 repairs from cdroms to hard drives to logic boards, etc. Comparing that to the PC side with Dell and Lenovo, it seems we have at least one in for repair on a weekly basis while I haven’t had a repair on the Macs in years.

  • Henry Capper

    Hi cashxx,

    I agree with you that Apple Mac devices are the some of the most reliable computers on the market.

    However, experience with a wide range of our clients, from schools to large organisations with 1000s of Macs, has shown that by having some sort of contract in place to cover future repairs offers a cost-effective solution to organisations with multiple users and devices.



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