Integrating Macs in an Education Environment

Macs in an Education Environment Whitepaper
How to successfully integrate Macs into
Active Directory

What’s Included

In this whitepaper we discuss how to successfully integrate Macs into Active Directory. Centralising your directory of user credentials in Active Directory has very clear benefits. What is not so clearly documented are the range of issues educational organisations face when they attempt to integrate Macs for the first time.

What you will learn:

  • What tools will you use to facilitate the AD connection? We’ll show you a range of tools and products that you can use.
  • How will you provide personal home folders for users? Discusses common pitfalls and the solutions, documented by experience from sites where we have seen this system used.
  • So what is the ultimate solution? It’s true that there’s no “one size fits all” solution design, in this whitepaper we suggest several characteristics that are key.

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What else

Written by our consultancy department, who are education specialists, whereby one of their key strengths lie in overcoming the difficult challenges of integrating Macs into an AD environment.

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This whitepaper really helped us identify the difficulties of integrating Macs into a Windows environment at our school.