What’s new in iOS 7 app development?

Back in September Apple released the biggest update to the iOS software with iOS 7.whats new in ios7 app development

All of our iOS development courses have been updated by our mobile development team to iOS 7.

You can find out how the courses have changed and, more importantly, all the new features and development techniques that will be taught!

Objective-C courses
Both the beginners and Advanced Objective-C courses have been updated to include Xcode 5 as well as incorporating any changes to the language that Apple introduced this year. If you are brand new to iOS development then both of these courses give you a great foundation in starting to developing iOS apps.
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iOS App Development Course
The iOS 7 version of this course is scheduled to run in October. The course covers everything you need to build apps for both iOS 6 and iOS 7. Specifically for iOS 7 we have added:

  • The look and feel. iOS 7 has a new user interface which is completely different from iOS 6, therefore the course covers in depth the differences between iOS 6 & 7 from a development point of view and how to design apps that will run on both OSs.
  • The physics engine. We’ll show you how to apply slick effects to objects, such as the gravity effect which can make apps look like they bounce.
  • APIs. Apple have tweaked a lot of the APIs in iOS 7, these changes are highlighted throughout the course.

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What’s new in iOS App Development
If you are already developing iOS 6 courses then this course is a must for you. This 3 day course covers all the new features in iOS 7 and shows you how you can implement them in your apps.

This course covers:

  • What’s new in Xcode 5.
  • How to handle the new UI and keep the app compatible with iOS 6 & 7.
  • How to design apps that are resolution independent.
  • How to handle text in iOS 7.
  • What’s new with Map Kit.
  • How to add AirDrop support to your app.
  • We also look at OS X Server which has some nice features for developers.

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If you would like to talk us about any of the above courses or to find out any more information about iOS 7, then please get in touch with Amsys today by calling 0208 645 5806 or emailing training@amsys.co.uk.

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