Using DiskAid to extract iPhone Data

Even though iTunes and iCloud backup are perfectly suitable backup solutions for most people, I have often found it necessary to perform a restore of the iOS firmware while not wanting to restore from backup.

The reason behind that is because I have often found that restoring a backup causes random spikes in battery usage and app errors. However, there have been cases where I require my text messages or other data from my iOS device and I have been looking for a solution to backup only specific parts of it.

Using DiskAid to extract iPhone Data

The easiest and fastest application that I could find to perform those tasks reliably is DigiDNA’s Diskaid.

Additionally, it provides you with a series of very useful information which iTunes tends to make difficult to gather. DiskAid will allow you to copy data from and to your iOS device i.e. Messages, Contacts, Call History, Notes etc. and you can then fine grain your restore process or even archive your thousands of text messages to your computer to reduce clutter on your iOS device.

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