A Non-Genuine Apple Repair Will Cost You More In The Long Run.

One minute your iPhone is as good as new, then a moment’s inattention and it’s lying on the floor with a smashed screen. We’ve all been there and it’s a nightmare! Luckily, it’s easy to resolve, but there are decisions to make:

Do you get an Apple Authorised and genuine repair
Do you take it to the bloke in the corner shop?

The corner shop or 3rd party repair will most likely be cheaper, but do you know what you are getting? Apple only provide genuine parts to Apple Authorised Service providers and members of the Independent Repair Program*.

If the bloke on the corner is offering “genuine” parts then it’s unlikely to be the case, unless they have been salvaged from other iPhones or remanufactured by a 3rd party. More than likely it’s a copy from China. Would you buy a Porsche with a Ford Fiesta engine?

Does it Matter?

We think it does and so should you! Not only are the copy parts of a lower quality – you may experience performance issues – but only authorised providers have the correct tools and software to test and calibrate the phone. The long and short of it is that if you want your precious iPhone to be what you paid for, then we strongly recommend the authorised and genuine route.

But it’s More Expensive!

That is likely to be true, but the screen is how you access and use the device, so why compromise and have a substandard phone? You’ll also invalidate any remaining Apple warranty, and that could cost you a lot more.

We see many customers come to us who have tried the 3rd party repair and had issues. They then get a genuine screen fitted, so have spent out unnecessarily on the first, sub-standard repair. The good news is that even if you bring us a device with a 3rd party screen it will still be eligible for a genuine replacement.

What does Apple Recommend?

Apple is very clear that they recommend genuine repair from an Apple Store or an Apple Authorised Service Provider. Parts are supplied by Apple and technicians are trained and certified with Apple accreditations. More importantly, the screen is a highly complex technical item and is the gateway to your security, so if you want the device to be restored to the condition in which you bought it, no matter what type of repair you need, there’s only really one option. 

If you are looking to get your device repaired by an Apple Authorised Service Provider, you can do so by:

Disclaimer: Any actions taken as a result of this article are at the individuals discretion. Whilst all the information is checked to be accurate, Amsys will not compensate for any damage or inconvenience. If you do not feel comfortable performing any of the actions noted above please either book a repair or contact Apple support.

*Independent Repair Program gives third party stores access to Apple parts and can offer certain repairs. In our opinion, third party sellers will still (in general) try to sell non genuine repairs due to the upfront cost being lower and their profit margin higher. These repairs don’t get an Apple warranty and are not technically Apple Authorised repairs.