Onsite Apple Training

We come to you

Opting to have technical training delivered onsite at your offices rather than in one of our training centres can save you time and money. Onsite Apple training is becoming more and more popular, because your people never need to leave your offices.

If you’ve only got one or two delegates and you’re based in the UK, then it probably makes sense to book one of our regular courses. But, if you’re overseas, if you’ve got more than two people to train or if you can join forces with other local companies, an on-site course might just be the right solution.

Classroom in a Box

Our Classroom in a Box service brings our world-renowned training experience right into your workplace. We supply all classroom equipment including; MacBook Pros for each student, course materials, cabling and even a projector too if required. We don’t always need internet access, but it’s very helpful if we do, especially if you want your delegates to sit exams.

No distance is too far

While most of our onsite Apple training is delivered in the UK, our trainers frequently travel to far-flung corners of the globe too because Apple experts know that there’s only one Amsys. We’ve recently been to Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Spain and Switzerland as well as Swindon, Sheffield and Swansea.

Save money, save time

On-site Apple training is a more cost-effective training solution when you’ve got three or more delegates to train. You save on travel and accommodation costs and your people benefit from being able to go home at night. Classroom in a Box is delivered at a fixed rate (+ expenses) so the more you train, the more you save. We can train up 10 people at once.

Hosted courses

If you’ve got less than five delegates to train, you can save even more money by hosting a course in your offices and welcoming in Apple technical staff from other local companies. If the course is full enough, you may even be able to train your own people for free.

We’re ready and waiting for your call

We’re expert at tailoring our training expertise to our clients’ needs, so why not call us today and tell us how you’d like your technical training to be run?

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