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Amsys Alumni: exclusive member benefits
Over the last 20 years we’ve trained upwards of 15,000 Mac techs. We think it’s high time that we did something for the community that has supported us so well. We’d like to introduce to you the Amsys Alumni Association.
amsys alumni

A Membership Group for Mac Admins and Developers

Amsys Alumni is a membership group for past and future Mac techs that have trained at Amsys or attended the MacAD.UK event. The Alumni receive exclusive membership benefits like 10% off Macad.UK passes, invitations to exclusive events and there’s more to come.

Why Should I Join Amsys Alumni?

Amsys Alumni members are the UK’s elite Apple techs. You’ll have access to discounted events, exclusive savings and free invitations to Alumni-only events. You’ll also be one of the first to access our new training platform. We’ll have more exclusive member content and new offers as the alumni develops.

Membership is free but only open to Amsys delegates. Once you apply for membership, we’ll verify your eligibility before being in touch to welcome you to the club.

Amsys Alumni

    • Discounted courses & Content
    • Early Bird access to MacAD.UK with additional 10% discount.
    • Membership of the Amsys Blog.
    • Membership of our online training platform (currently in Beta).
    • Invitations to free events.
    • News and Offers as they crop up!

What’s included

Alumni-only Events
Our series of informal get Mac Admin get-togethers with special guests from the biggest names in tech are exlcusive to Alumni members.

Training Passports
Our training passports save you thousands on certification paths. You can take multiple courses within a year for one fixed cost.

10% off MacAD.UK
The Mac Admin and Developer conference is a two day conference and the only one of it’s type in the UK. You’ll get early bird access and an additional 10% discount.

How do I sign up?

Visit this page and purchase your subscription. Discounts will be available immediately and you can sign up for your discounted courses as usual. Amsys Alumni is available to all students, even future ones, so you can sign up prior to studying with us and use the discount on your very first course. We recommend looking at our training passports for further savings on Apple certification paths.

Click here to join Amsys Alumni!

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