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Communicate with Impact!

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The-skills-farmCommunicate with Impact is a 2 day course that will improve your ability to connect with & convince non-technical people in meetings and presentations. Learn how to grab attention and keep it; turn dull technical detail into interesting information for non-technicals, speak with personal authority and credibility, use structure when communicating, project charisma, presence and impact and learn how to handle difficult conversations.

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About Communicate with Impact

Communicate with Impact is a 2-day course that improves your ability to connect with and convince non-technical people in meetings and presentations. You’ll learn the powerful frameworks and formulas that other business professionals use in order to clearly communicate technical information in a way that isn’t complex or dull.

This course reveals to you the ingenious techniques that get you listened to, understood and agreed with during meetings and presentations.

  • Day one teaches you how to be authoritative yet easy to understand. You’ll learn how to convert detailed, complex technical data into clear, interesting and impactful messages using proven structures.
  • Day two takes you even further. You’ll learn how to be convincing and charismatic.

By the end of the course you’ll have non-technical colleagues, managers, leaders and clients understanding you with absolute crystal clarity AND knowing what you want them to do with the information you share.

Class sizes are never more than eight, so you’ll get a lot of one-to-one attention. Take a look at the ‘What you’ll learn’ tab to find out more.

Why attend Communicate with Impact training at Amsys?

We know how critical it is for technical professionals to be able to grab the attention of, and fully engage non-technical colleagues, managers, leaders and clients. This course teaches you the simple, tried & tested methods for communicating with impact.

You’ll come away from this course having mastered the ability to communicate technical information in the most interesting and compelling way to non-technical people. The 2-day workshop is detailed, practical and hands-on and is led by our specialist training partner, The Skills Farm, winners of the Apple Spirit of Business award in 2013.


The course is designed for technical professionals that need to communicate with non-technical people in a business setting – usually meetings and/or presentations.

There are no prerequisites as such, however you will be asked to pre-prepare a communication (a brief talk and/or presentation) that you intend to share with non-technical colleagues, managers, leaders or clients in the coming days or weeks.

The material assumes you have some previous experience of speaking up in front of non-technical audiences – but it is not essential.

If you’re in any doubt about your suitability for this course, please call our training pros on 020 8645 5806 who will be pleased to discuss your training needs in more detail.

Who is Communicate with Impact! suited to?

Communicate with Impact will most benefit:

  • Professional administrators needing to communicate with non-technical colleagues
  • Team leaders
  • CTOs
  • Technical architects
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