last chance to certify ACTC

Is this your last chance to achieve Apple Certified Technical Coordinator Certification? Ever?

Yes. Apple is retiring its Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) certification this year.

OS X Yosemite is the last OS X operating system to hold this certification, Apple is not updating it for OS X El Capitan.

If you want to qualify as ACTC, this is your last chance.

At Amsys, we have spent many years helping technicians master Apple technology and achieve Apple certifications, so we’re opening up extra training dates for those that wish to still achieve ACTC certification while they can.

As Apple states on its website :
“Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) certification verifies a foundation in OS X and OS X Server core functionality and an ability to configure key services and perform basic troubleshooting.”

ACTC certification is acquired by attending 2 courses and passing their retrospective exams :

Attending these two courses provides technical co-ordinators and entry-level system administrators with the skills, tools, and knowledge to implement and maintain OS X devices as well as a network that uses OS X Server.

ACTC certification is intended for OS X technical coordinators and entry-level system administrators who maintain small to medium networks of computers using OS X.

Why get Apple Certified?

Apple’s answer to that question is:

Besides differentiating you as a skilled user and support professional for OS X and OS X Server, ACTC certification allows you to leverage the power of the Apple brand.

When you achieve a certification, you receive an email detailing how you’ll receive your Apple certificate, along with instructions on how to order a framed version.

The email includes LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter icons to make it easy for you to share your certification news with your networks on these sites.

You also receive a login for the Apple Certification Records System, where you can do the following:

  • Update your profile information and opt in to display your Apple Certification on the Apple Certified Professionals Registry
  • Review your certification progress
  • Download your certification logo to use on business cards, résumés, websites, and more
  • Provide access to employers to verify your certifications


And here’s the Amsys answer:

With Apple products being used in business more and more every year, the need to ensure your IT team has a high level of technical knowledge and proficiency in supporting these products is growing.

Most attendees on our training courses and the companies that our support and consultancy teams encounter are finding a greater need to implement and support Apple systems as well as Windows systems.

Apple Certifications have been designed by Apple to distinguish those people who have an in-depth knowledge of Apple’s products.

These Certifications are also highly respected and continue to offer a wide range of career choices.

The bad news

One of Apple’s long-standing and greatly sought after certifications is coming to the end of its’ life.
The OS X Support Essentials 10.10 exam will be retired on June 30 2016 and the OS X Server Essentials 10.10 exam will be retired on September 30 2016. Apple is expected to release new courses and qualifications in time, but we currently have no details to publish at present.

The good news?

Amsys will continue to offer these training courses and exams right up until their expiry date.
This means that this month, is the last month for anyone wishing to attend the OS X Support Essentials 10.10 course and pass the exam, before then going on to attend the OS X Server Essentials 10.10 course and take that exam before September closes the door on this qualification.

Why not come along to one of the next courses running in our Central London training centre?

Dates we have scheduled before the end of June are:

  • 13/6/2016 in Central London
  • 27/6/2016 in Central London

3 Replies to "Is this your last chance to achieve Apple Certified Technical Coordinator Certification? Ever?"

  • Morris Yashar

    Hi Russell

    I obtained my OS X 10.10 Yosemite certification recently. I am in US.
    When does OSX server 10.10 ( exam 9l0-525) retired please. Here in Amsys says sept 2016
    I heard server was retiring in June 30 2016 also
    Which is true please

    Thank very much

  • Russell Harris

    Hi Morris.

    I have just checked today and the OS X Server Essentials 10.10 exam is still currently available. So this did not retire at the end of June.

    As i posted above, as far as we are aware from Apple Training, the Yosemite 201: Server Essentials 10.10 course and the corresponding OS X Server Essentials 10.10 exam will both retire on September 30, 2016.

    I suggest you double check with whoever you attended your Support Essentials 10.10 course with or booked the exam with, alternatively you can find your nearest training centre at :

    Good luck


  • Morris

    Thank you very much Russell. So the Yosemite server exam is avail till sept 30 2016. Great to know.
    Thank you again


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