Is your Mac struggling under the pressure of apps, images, tracks, vids, and age? Not quite ready to buy brand new? Put the mojo back in your Mac with an Amsys upgrade pack.

Our upgrade pack makes your Mac up to THREE times faster and extends its life for 12-24 months.

Here’s how we do it:

Faster Drive

Replacing a standard mechanical hard drive with a new solid state drive adds serious speed to your Mac.
Our tests show a 2011 MacBook’s boot speed going from 59 seconds with a mechanical drive to 18.5 seconds with a solid state drive.

More memory

Beefing up your RAM is the simplest way of increasing performance.

More RAM allows you to do more things at once and have more applications open. While it won’t speed up the actual processing speed, you’ll be able to work faster because you can keep your most important apps open all the time.

Longer battery life

All batteries degrade over time, so you’ve probably already noticed that you pay more attention to where the nearest wall socket is?

Replacing your battery liberates your Mac and means you can do more on the move.

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