Repair FAQs

Feeling stuck? On this page, you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most. Don’t forget we’re also live online during UK working hours, so if there’s anything you need to know about repairs that you can’t find on this page, why not chat with us?

General repair FAQs

What is the Service fee?

If your device is out of warranty, we charge a service fee when you book the device in.

This fee covers all of our time to process, diagnose and quote for the service required. If you approve the repair quote there is usually no additional labour fee to pay, you just pay for the parts needed. If you decline the quote then your device is ready to collect and there is nothing further to pay.

Why can’t my device be fixed in my 20 minute appointment?

Your 20 minute appointment enables you to discuss your issue with a qualified technician over the bar and allow them [where possible] to create a quote for your approval.

Please note:

  • For liquid damage and no power issues your device will need a full assessment in our workshops which cannot be done during an appointment
  • The majority of software issues are able to be resolved on the bar for a small charge

Is it cheaper to take my device to an Apple store?

Some of our prices may be a little higher than Apple’s prices, but what we can offer is same day appointments or walk-in, both of which have a quicker turnaround. We also have loan iPhones and Macs to keep you working.

Does Amsys recycle or dispose of devices?

Yes and we attempt to recycle and reuse wherever possible which we think it the greenest possible method. If we can’t recycle a product, we destroy the hard drives before disposing of it through through WEEE approved routes.

What about my data?

The warranty on your device does not cover your data and we cannot accept liability for any data while your device is in for repair.

Please back up your data before bringing it for repair. If you can’t back up your own data for any reason and data is lost, we can attempt data recovery. But it’s much better to back up in advance!

If you need us to do a data recovery, please speak to our technicians for terms, options and prices.

What is an Apple Authorised Service Provider?

Apple Authorised Service Providers (AASP) are businesses which have been specifically approved by Apple to provide repair services to Apple devices. AASPs can only use genuine parts, sourced direct from Apple and all Technicians undergo exactly the same training as Apple Geniuses.

Do you offer a collection and delivery service?

Ye, we operate a fleet of vans which collect and deliver in the local London area

Warranty FAQs

Is my device covered by warranty? How do I check?

You can check yourself using Apple’s warranty checker or drop in to one of our stores and ask our technicians.

What is covered by my warranty?

All repairs to hardware faults that haven’t been caused by accidental damage or by cosmetic damage are covered by your warranty. Your technician will advise you during your appointment of your warranty status.

What is not covered?

  • Accidental damage like liquid damage, smashed screens or damage caused by dropping the device
  • Cosmetic damage including things like scratches
  • Software issues

What if I’ve had my phone repaired by a non-authorised repairer?

If your phone has been repaired outside of the authorised channel then there is a risk that your warranty has been voided, if not for the whole phone, then certainly for that part.

Apple takes your security seriously and will not permit service on phones with counterfeit parts.

iPhone repair FAQs

How quickly can you complete an iPhone repair?

For most iPhone models we have a supply of stock parts and replacement phones direct from Apple. If you are eligible or choose a “whole unit replacement” this is done on the same day, hopefully during your appointment.

Mac repair FAQs

How quickly can you repair my Mac?

If a Mac repair requires a replacement part after diagnosis, the part has to be ordered from Apple. Parts arrive within 24 hours, so we can usually turn a repair around in 2-4 days.

This is currently the quickest authorised repair turnaround available in London

Can you order a part and let me come back once the part is in?

Yes we are very happy to do this and can pre-order a part for your device once an assessment has been completed.

You will be asked to pay for the full repair up front before taking your device away and will be asked to return within 2 working days once notified that the part has arrived. (Apple monitor our parts and turnaround performance very closely).