Refurbished Apple MacBooks

Apple MacBooks from Amsys

When our business clients buy new Macs, we take their old ones and refurbish them for resale with genuine Apple parts. These refurbished MacBooks have been through a series of stringent tests in our workshop and our technicians have replaced or upgraded whatever’s needed to make them ready for you.

Refurbished MacBooks are graded with a rating of A, B or C and priced accordingly. You can find out more about refurbished MacBook grading at the bottom of this page. There are no hidden surprises and all our refurbished MacBooks come with a 30-day guarantee.

Refurbished MacBooks Available Now

Here’s what our ratings mean:

  • A – Grade A products are in great condition with only minimal signs of wear. They may have a little wear on the keys for example, but they won’t be badly scuffed or scratched.
  • B – Grade B products are fully functional but may have cosmetic damage such as scratches or a little more wear than a grade A product.
  • C – Grade C products are cosmetically damaged but they’re still fully functional and make great starter or backup machines.

Why buy a Refurbished Macbook from Amsys Refurbished Sales?

  • Price – Amsys Refurbished Sales offers the most competitive prices possible on all our refurbished Apple Macbook models. Every one of our refurbished Apple Macbooks has a price that is significantly lower than newer models without compromising on power or features.
  • Capability – Potential buyers worry about refurbished models not being brand new or “state of the art” but refurbished models are cost effective and do almost everything new models do. If you need better performance they can be upgraded to meet your requirements, which is often cheaper than buying a brand new machine.
  • Guarantee – Our technicians are Apple certified and work with Apple products every day, plus we use official Apple replacement parts where possible. We guarantee all our refurbished Apple models for 30 days, so if something goes wrong you’re covered.