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OS X & iOS Recruitment

Sourcing The Right Techs To Support Your Business

The UK’s only dedicated OS X & iOS recruitment service. We can secure the right technical staff for you.

Why Choose Amsys?

Talented candidates do not stay as jobseekers for very long and quality candidates will not read the job pages or visit online job boards. Amsys provides you with access to these candidates, backed by our unique offer, a service that provides unrivaled value.

  • Advanced CV search and shortlist
  • Full 360 recruitment
  • Tailored headhunting

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Candidate Search

We’ll create the job specification, advertise,  & shortlist your candidates.

Full 360 Service

As before but includes video CV, interview preparation & 6 month guarantee.

Tailored Head Hunting

The full works, plus headhunting plan & shortlist for entire teams or management.

Skills Gap Training

We’ll address any skills gaps with Amsys Training for your chosen candidate.

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