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A Unique Approach to Apple Recruitment

Our clients and candidates tell us that we are not just another IT recruitment consultancy. We’re the only Apple recruitment specialist that develops Apple Skills as well as sourcing them. In fact, we’re also Europe’s leading Apple technical trainer, so we start your search from a different place than most recruiters.

While others sift through a check list of skills and certifications, we find the right person first. That means the right attitude, the right aptitude and the right personality.

Of course skillsets matter too, but we can train those. No-one can train cultural fit. That’s why we’re unique.

Recruitment Packages
We offer three different technical recruitment packages so you can tailor your search to your unique needs and budget

Amsys Recruit

Amsys Recruit is an expert database search, advertising, shortlisting and recruiting service offering Amsys expertise and management for a low, fixed price.

We run the search process and filter applications to create your shortlist and you manage the interviews. Of course, we can advise you about the interview process if you need it. When your interviews are complete, we’ll support the final selection and placement process by handling offer making and negotiating on your behalf.

Amsys Recruit takes the headache out of Apple recruitment and IT resourcing for around the same price as it would cost you to recruit a candidate yourself.

£800 up front
or 8% on success

Amsys Recruit PLUS

Amsys Recruit PLUS offers you the same specialist service as Amsys Recruit, but comes with three additional benefits:

  • We handle the entire interview process for you
  • You get a six-month fee guarantee
  • Your new candidate gets a free skills update training course to plug any skills gaps

Amsys Recruit Plus allows us to look for attitude, aptitude and personality first, then train the candidate to the right skillset. It’s what makes Amsys unique. We’ve been in this game for a long time and know that the right cultural fit is what ultimately determines the success and longevity of your placement.

£0 up front
15% on success

Amsys Recruit PLAN

Amsys Recruit PLAN is a “pay-as-you-go” recruitment package designed to ease cash flow and reduce recruitment risk. We deliver a fully managed recruitment service for a small up-front deposit with success fees spread over 12 months.

Recruit PLAN is our flagship package. It offers the same service level as Recruit PLUS, including free training and an upgraded 12-month guarantee.

Your candidate is also eligible for a free place on one of our training courses to plug any skills gaps you, they or we identify. If they leave your employment at any time during the first twelve months, you simply stop paying us at the end of the next month.

£800 up front
balance of 15% over 12 months

Why Use Amsys for Your Apple Recruitment?

Talented candidates don’t remain jobseekers for long. The best quality candidates won’t even read job pages or visit online job boards. All three of our packages offer access to these candidates backed by our unique service proposition and priced to suit your budget.

Unrivalled Apple expertise

In the Apple technical and cross platform market, we are the only true sector specialist. Sure, others can post job ads. But, no other company lives and breathes Apple like Amsys. If you need Apple expertise, you need Amsys.

Candidate Database

We’ve been doing this a long time, so our candidate database is second to none. Want to reach the best Apple technical talent? It might not be on the market. But, we know who they are, where they are and whether they want to move.

Candidate Search

No other UK company is equipped to run our level of Apple recruitment search. It start with a perfect job specification, written in the right language, targeting exactly the right level of tech. But, it’s the shortlisting process that really brings our skills and experience to the fore. Only Amsys understands Apple tech like Amsys does.

360 Degree Service

Need a little extra? We can shoot video CVs and help your candidates prepare for their interviews to save you time. You get a better feel for your shortlist and we get a chance to assess their skill-level before you commit to a face-to-face.

Tailored Head Hunting

If you are recruiting a senior manager or a whole new team, we provide a fully-bespoke service tailored to your specific timescales and needs. Moving to Mac and need to recruit a helpdesk? No problem. Need a senior Swift developer? No problem.

Skills Gap Training

We’re the only UK recruiter offering Apple technical skills training as part of our package. It’s hugely popular with candidates which helps you attract the very best on the market. But, it’s also an ideal way of de-risking your recruitment process.


Our top services are underwritten by guarantee. If we place a Recruit PLUS candidate with you and the fit isn’t right, we’ll replace them at our expense or refund the fee. With Recruit PLAN, if the placement doesn’t work, you stop paying (terms and conditions apply)

Value For Money

With packages tailored to help both budget constraints and cash flow, and training and guarantees included in two of our packages, it’s hard to find better value for money. If you do think you can find better value, we’d love to talk!

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