Pegasus R4 – R6 issues

The Pegasus R4 and R6 RAID units from Promise which are connected to the Mac via Thunderbolt are reported to be intermittently disconnecting, a number of users have said that the drives randomly disconnect, both Promise and Apple are said to be looking the issue.

A couple of users have said the the problems appear to be caused by phone interference, this can be replicated by holding the phone close to the Thunderbolt cable, as calls are received the drives disconnect. One user reported to have cured the problem by wrapping the cable with tin foil.


By Peter Argyle

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  • Arthur Dent


    My Pegasus R4 has just had the 3rd Hard Drive fail (twice in bay 1 and now in bay 4).

    I had just updated the firmware and the unit’s Promise Utility, done a Media Patrol the day before the 3rd failure and it indicated no problems. So I did a back up from my MiniStack (which has never given me a problem).

    The next day I decides to re arrange some folders and files on the MiniStack then back up to the Pegasus R4 but when I turned the unit on it showed that the bay 4 hard drive was dead!?

    I have full email records to Promise in pdf if you should like a copy.

    The 3rd hard drive died with in a month of the warrenty running out.

    I believe one of two things, either the Hitachi HDs are crap, or the Pegasus R4 it’s self is faulty.

    Any ideas?

    Regards Arthur

  • Hi Arthur,

    It sounds like you have just been unlucky. We have loads of clients with Mac mini servers and Pegasus R2s and we very rarely get a problem.

    I would recommend getting the whole unit replaced by Promise as it sounds like you have a duff one.


    David Acland

  • Arthur Dent

    Hi David,

    By a bit of luck I found out the Southern Queensland University apparently bought 26 units, and according to the “tech-head” there, a number of them were faulty on delivery, and just recently they had yet another five hard drives fail.

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