Mac OS X & iOS training in Iceland

Following John and Sam’s training to Saudi, we teamed up with a training centre based in the capital city of the beautiful island, Iceland. I jumped at the chance to go as it was a country that I had always wanted to visit due to its breathtaking scenery, steaming geysers, the Northern Lights.. and of course.. to spread the word of Amsys Apple training!

I had 10 days to teach 3 courses, Mac OS x Server and Support Essentials and our Supporting, Deploying & Troubleshooting iOS course to a mixture of delegates from government and education sectors, as well as a few resellers.

The first day kicked off with Support Essentials, which everyone was really keen to get their teeth into and I relayed some useful tips and tricks, which all of our delegates can discover on this great course.

Day four, and I had the pleasure of meeting some of Iceland’s iOS professionals on our Supporting, Deploying & Troubleshooting iOS course. This is a unique course that teaches the skills required to successfully deploy and support iOS devices in businesses and schools. We packed a lot into the day including, creating and deploying Configuration Profiles, implementing Apple configurator and deploying native and web application to end users.

The final part of training arrived, with help-desk specialists and technical coordinators attending the 3 day Server Essentials course where we took an in-depth look at how to install, manage and troubleshoot Mac OS X Servers.

Overall the whole trip was really well received from both the training centre and all of the delegates and we are now planning future training sessions for Mac OS X and iOS.. in the words of Bjork herself, I am a grateful.. grapefruit.

Server Essentials OS X

Blue Lagoon

Gulfoss Waterfalls

Spouting Geysererupts around every 5 minutes

Iceland is the only place where you can walk along the the Mid Atlantic Ridge


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