os x yosemite reachabilty

New “Reachability” feature in OS X YoYo server

New “Reachability” feature in OS X YoYo server

Being the type of guy I am and in the role I am, I updated my home server to OS X Yosemite (10.10) over the first weekend of release. After fighting some I/O errors on the boot drive (another story for another time), I eventually got it running.

As usual I had a poke around the Server app and found a cool new feature, “Reachability”.

What’s that then?

This is a new service that can use Apple’s Servers to test your server for open ports and connections to services from the Internet. In combination with the new “Access” tab, you can limit both users and network IP addresses to your services.


So on the main landing page for server App, you’ll have a new “Details…” Box near the new “Internet” section. Click it.

os x yosemite server app

A new screen will appear. Once the server has had a chance to check with Apple, it will display all services that can be reached from the outside world.

os x yosemite reachability

Click the little refresh symbol to have it re-check the forwarded ports and services.

yosemite recheck reachability

At this point, I found out that when I previously had enabled SSH without locking down access to the LAN and forgot to disable it after testing (naughty me). To limit access to certain users and / or networks, use the new “Access” tab and double click the service in question.

yosemite lan

Add in your specific users and / or networks as required and hit “OK”. Problem solved!

This new page seems to combine the SACL list from 10.6.x Server and the firewall configuration.


There you go. I hope it helps someone out! So far I’m enjoying the new-look Yosemite even if I’m finding little stability issues!

As always, if you have any questions, queries or comments, let us know below, and I’ll try to respond to and delve into as many as I can.

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