OS X Server updated with new features and bug fixes

By Richard Mallion

Apple have just released an update for their OS X server product, bring it up to version 2.2

This new update will update  OS X Server v2.0 and v2.1 As well as overall  general bug fixes, there are a number of new or improved features.

The highlights include:

Caching service

  • Introduces a new feature called the Caching service, which speeds up the download of software distributed by Apple through the Mac App Store. It caches both software updates and purchased apps from the Mac App Store. For more information about the Caching service, choose Server Help in the Help menu.

Server app

  • Addresses an issue in which attempting to change the blacklist server used by the Mail service might not work.
  • Includes general enhancements.

Adaptive Firewall

  • Addresses an issue that caused an exception to be raised when using the hb_summary tool.
    Calendar service
  • Addresses an issue in which Calendar invitations were always sent in English.
    Includes general enhancements.

Mail service

  • Addresses an issue in which freshclam and clamav do not provide logs about upgraded systems.
  • Resolves an issue in which the quota hard limit was not being respected.
  • Addresses an issue in which certain settings weren’t maintained when upgrading from a previous version of OS X Server.

Contacts service

  • Corrects an issue in which under certain circumstances, the service would not start when using a non-default location for the data store.
  • Adds the ability to search for records containing non-English characters.

Messages service

  • Resolves an issue where under certain circumstances, the service would not start when using a non-default location for the data store

Profile Manager

  • Adds the ability to use Active Directory groups with Profile Manager.
  • Adds the ability to delete apps uploaded to Profile Manager.
  • Includes performance and other general enhancements.

Before applying this update, we strongly suggest a full backup of the server is at hand.

OS X Server v2.2 now stores Postgres data needed by services in its own database (“/Library/Server/PostgreSQL For Server Services” by default). If you migrate from a previous version of OS X Server, system Postgres data will be migrated from /Library/Server/PostgreSQL to “/Library/Server/PostgreSQL For Server Services”.


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