OS X El Capitan Training Course – First One Done!

By Russell Harris – Apple Master Trainer

Last week, I delivered the new OS X El Capitan training course, it is the first Apple Certified OS X Support Essentials 10.11 : Supporting and Troubleshooting OS X El Capitan Course.

Apple’s course blurb:

“El Capitan 101 OS X Support Essentials 10.11 is a three-day course that gives you a tour of OS X El Capitan and covers the best ways to support OS X El Capitan users.
The course includes lectures and hands-on exercises that provide real-world experience.”

I always enjoy delivering a new course and discussing how each delegate’s business is implementing OS X. We always encourage student participation and ensure that our classes are of a size that allows every attendee the opportunity to ask questions and confirm understanding.

Whether students are attending specifically to gain the certification, or just really need to know how to support the Macs they have at work, there is always something to learn on this course. I love it when someone who has used Macs for years, comes on a course and says “I can’t believe I never knew that!”

Since this is a certification course, there is always that pressure to ensure that the students fully understand the course content so that they are well prepared to take their exam. The students on this first course really enjoyed the hands on approach to their training and I’m proud of the certifications achieved by those that took the final exam.

The course really is a great overview of supporting OS X.The main goal of this course is to introduce technicians to the basic techniques for using Apple’s tools for installing, configuring and troubleshooting OS X.The first day covers OS X Installation and Configuration, focusing on initial installation and setup, to software updates, user account creation and management and file system security.The second day looks into usage management. Permissions, System resources, Compression and backup solutions, Application and Document management.The final day takes attendees through Networking. From basic theory, to configuration and troubleshooting. The afternoon wraps up the course with a collection of system troubleshooting chapters.

OSX Support Essentials 10.11 upgrade

The complete course outline is at  http://www.amsys.co.uk/amsys-training-courses/coursebooker/os-x-support-essentials/ an overview of the topics covered is below:

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Users Accounts
  • File Systems and Storage
  • Data Management
  • Applications and Processes
  • Network Configuration
  • Network Services
  • System Management:

Why not come along to one of the next courses running in our Central London, South London or Manchester training centres. (http://www.amsys.co.uk/amsys-training-courses/coursebooker/os-x-support-essentials/)

Don’t forget to check out the reviews on the course webpage from the students that have attended previously!

Also keep an eye out for new announcements as we release updated and new courses on OS X El Capitan and iOS 9!

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