Mac Admin Developer Conference: Sessions and Speakers

We have just added 6 more brilliant speakers to the Mac Admin & Developer Conference’s stellar line-up and 16 of the 28 talks have been announced. The conference will be held over 2 days in London this February. Attend to hear speakers share their workflows, recommendations and tools for managing, deploying and developing for both Mac and iOS devices, and network with your peers – day and night. Don’t miss out on learning from the brightest minds in Apple IT and book you tickets today.

Confirmed Talks:

More Speakers Announced

Clay Caviness

Clay Caviness has been a Mac and UNIX systems engineer since the early 90s. He has worked in advertising and tech companies and currently works for Google. Come to Clay’s talk to find out how Google manages their fleet of 65,000+ globally-distributed Macs.

Elliot Jordan

Elliot has worked on and led projects large and small for San Francisco Bay Area companies who are in the headlines as well as those yet undiscovered. He is a member of the core AutoPkgr development team. His talk is on “How (not) to do bad things with AutoPkgr.”

Henry Stamerjohann

Henry is involved in long term contract work for large media and enterprises in Germany and brings in new technologies where applicable. Henry works as a Solution Architect and Professional Services Engineer to drive commercial and open source tools for a broad range of Education and Business customers. Henry’s talk is called “Zentral – visualize inventory, manage osquery and notify.”

James Barclay

James Barclay is a Tools Engineer at Pinterest. His interests include Python, Objective-C/Cocoa, interface design, art, science, and math(s). He writes software that saves people time and is a core member of the AutoPkgr and TMNotifier development teams. James will be talking about Cocoa Development with Objective-C and Python.

Marko Jung

Marko worked at the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science and SUSE Labs before he joined the University of Oxford leading a team of OS X and Linux experts. Marko’s talk is entitled Mac Management Mixology at the University of Oxford, which will cover the deployment and maintenance workflows they use.

Samuel Keeley

Samuel is an IT Security Engineer at Airbnb in San Francisco. He Specialises in server and endpoint management, and is also the current administrator of Samuel will be giving a talk on sustainable Mac management based on his experiences.

Yannis Lagogiannis & Danny Simpson

Yannis is the Apple Systems Specialist at the London School of Economics & Political Science and is responsible for the LSE’s Apple enterprise infrastructure, deployment, and support strategy. Danny is LSE’s Windows Systems Specialist. Together they will be giving their talk on Leveraging Windows virtual apps in a Mac lab environment.

Yoann Gini

You might already have used one of Yoanin’s tools made for system administrators like the Admin Tool Radius or ARD-Inspector. He works on a day to day basis with OS X Server and always try to develop advanced usage like Mac-based virtualization infrastructure. His skills include reverse engineering of Cocoa application and security of OS X and OS X Server. Yoann will be giving a on-hour demo session on reverse engineering on OS X from an IT point of view.

Why Attend?

  • Learn new trends and tools & boost your productivity.
  • Learn best practice, tools and processes.
  • Network and share ideas with peers – day & night.
  • Improve & innovate your skill set.
  • Meet with suppliers and vendors.
  • Talented speakers & recognised as experts in their field.
  • Packed schedule – learn, share & network – day & night.

There is nowhere else in the UK that offers access to so many levels of information in one place.

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