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Centralised deployment and management of Apple devices

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Jamf Managed Service

Jamf Pro is an Mobile Device Management tool (MDM) that provides organisations with centralised management of their Apple devices including; desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Jamf Pro is our most requested device management tool in enterprise, SME and educational establishments because it is widely perceived the most comprehensive, most mature and best supported MDM on the market today.

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Implementing and managing Jamf Pro isn’t something many organisations are equipped to do. It’s a powerful tool that delivers instant benefits, but it’s a complex tool that needs expert deployment and experienced on-going management to ensure its benefits are truly realised. Darren Wallace explains Jamf Pro (formerly known as the Casper Suite) and our approach to making Jamf Pro work for our customers.

Why choose to have Jamf Pro as a managed service?

Cost savings

Implementing and managing Jamf Pro using in house resource can be expensive. Apart from the the initial training cost and HR costs, you’ll still need to consider holiday cover, sickness cover, succession planning, skills updating and auditing etc etc etc. The lowest cost option is always Jamf Pro as a managed service from an expert and specialist managed service provider. We recently saved a new customer 44 per cent of their Jamf management costs. We could save you money too.

Core focus

Whatever business you are in, if you’re reading these pages, it’s unlikely to be installing and maintaining Jamf Pro. That’s what we do. While you could recruit or retrain your existing IT resource, it’s a big undertaking and it isn’t what your core mission is about. Using an an expert managed service provider brings a clarity of responsibility both to Jamf Pro and to your in-house support function. We run Jamf Pro so your team can focus on the day-to-day task of supporting your primary function; whether that be educating, trading, consulting, litigating, designing, creating, building, managing or advising.

Certainty of benefit delivery

A service level agreement (SLA) is a critical part of your Jamf Pro managed service contract because it delivers the kind of certainty that’s hard to achieve internally. It clearly defines service delivery objectives, actual deliverables and the level of service needed in order to enable certainty of benefit delivery. Your account manager uses the SLA agreement to measure, adapt and refine service delivery without you even needing to think about it. The simplest and most effective way to ensure your implementation delivers the promised benefits is to have an expert provider install and manage against an SLA.

Find out more about Jamf as a Managed Service

Why choose Amsys


We’ve implemented and supported Jamf Pro (formerly known as the Casper Suite) in companies and educational establishments of all shapes and sizes, in the UK and overseas too. Whatever your situation, you’ll be hard pressed to find a team more experienced than Amsys.


You won’t find more expertise in one team that an Amsys. We’re an active participant and supporter of the Mac technical community and our leaders are regular speakers at industry events, including Jamf’s own annual user conference.


Our Jamf Pro team is accredited and certified to the highest possible level, you’ll struggle to find a more qualified team. We’ve even started training Jamf skills to others.
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