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Escalated Support

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Escalated Support

Fully managed service is the growing trend. But, some companies prefer to retain first-line and second-line support in-house; especially if their Mac estate is a small part of a much larger Windows environment. Your IT team has a core set of skills that may well be focused on other areas of your business, or they may already be operating at full capacity.

When time and in-house resource is tight you may struggle to keep your own team current on the highly specialised areas of service that Amsys supports. That’s where we step in.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Fully Managed Support

We provide escalated support services directly to internal IT teams from a specialist, escalated service desk staffed only with 3rd line engineers and above. We deliver using a mix of remote and onsite support, according to your needs, and can be called upon whenever your team exhausts its knowledge, needs highly specialised expert support or just runs out of capacity.

Mixing managed service and support

Your company is unique, so your support contract with Amsys will be unique too. We’ll build exactly the right level and type of support according to your specific needs. That might be all managed service, all escalated support or as is increasingly common, a mix of the two.

Whatever you need, it’s your call

We’ll typically manage the core Apple build, its maintenance and updating through a management & deployment tool such as Jamf Pro. As a highly specialised and detailed tool, we recommend all Jamf Pro implementations are delivered as a managed service, but you may prefer to keep more general IT support in-house with escalation capability if you need it.

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Escalated Support Services

  • Escalated 2nd & 3rd line Mac OS support provided by our specialist escalation team
  • Escalated support for Jamf Pro
  • Escalated support for Apple integration into other environments
  • Onsite or project days in
  • Apple core build creation, maintenance & patching

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