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Enterprise IT Support Solutions

Flexible, highly specialised and best-in-class

Apple’s march into enterprise is well documented. MacOS has expanded its penetration from early adopters like creative industries and education into the workplaces of global corporations. Mixed operating system environments are now becoming the norm, but highly specialised Apple and MacOS skills are in short supply.

For companies with over 200 devices, Amsys offers an escalated support service via a dedicated escalated service desk. Our team is staffed with experts comprising third-line technicians and above.

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Your choose your support approach

How customers choose to engage with us is up to them. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, so our service can be as a pure escalation point for specific issues or it may well be that you want us to play a larger role in managing your Apple estate. It’s your call.

Demand for iOS support is increasing

The iPad started it, but the popularity of the iPhone os a data device has driven increased adoption of iOS devices by business. As a consequence we’re seeing an increasing demand for enterprise-level iOS support and iPhone and iPad repair. iOS support as a managed service ensures the smooth running and availability of enterprise apps.

Specialised account manager

Whether you decide to take a highly specialised escalation service or a fully managed service for a discreet part of your information systems – or both, our account managers are as specialised as your service. Because we know that different types of support need different approaches to resourcing, running and reporting, our managers specialise too. Responsible and accountable for service delivery according to your SLA, Amsys account managers are part of our what makes us different.

Enterprise IT Support Solutions

  • Escalated 2nd & 3rd line Mac OS support provided by our specialist escalation team
  • Escalated support for Jamf Pro or other management tools (Regular critical patching of the build, Packaging & deployment of additional software, Annual OS update & core re-build build)
  • Escalated support for Apple integration into other environments.
  • Onsite or project days included in the costs
  • Apple core build creation, maintenance & patching

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