Lock! Lock! Come on, please lock!!!

Without a doubt if I was stuck on a desert island the one item I would take would be my iPhone. It may sound stupid to love an inanimate object but I am in love with my iPhone.

He even has a name… Percy!

Percy’s always there, he makes me sound intelligent (thanks Google), he keeps me in touch with my family scattered across the world thanks to iMessage, he always finds a song for my mood and I have a slight addiction to Temple Run 2.

However, Percy is poorly!

His sleep/power button is stuck/broken, and his warranty has ended!

Now, I have a hard decision to make:

A. I help Percy pass on to iPhone heaven (muzuma) and replace him with a newer model
B. I take him to a shady back street hospital and wait patiently for some temporary surgery
C. I take him to a private hospital (and pay through the nose) for the best iPhone doctors to repair him, but run the risk of losing him for a replica Percy

I spent the weekend thinking W.W.P.D (what would Percy do)?

And there it was! A shinning light! A prosthetic sleep button, a way of Percy living on and living well!

If your iPhone has suffered in a similar way, please follow these simple steps!

  • Go to: Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch


assistive touch iphone


  • Slide ON, and a “virtual home button” should appear in the right hand corner


assistive touch button iphone


  • Tap the virtual screen button > Device > now tap and hold down the Lock Screen Icon


asssistive touch lock screen iphone


  •  The “slide to power off” will appear, so that you can turn of your phone!

 Turning Percy the iPhone back on again

In order to turn your iPhone ON you have to connect to a Power Source, i.e. a plug socket or USB port of computer.

I am now happy to report that Percy is back to full health and he doesn’t even miss his power button. In short, I love my phone,  but there will come a time when Percy will no longer be with me and he will be replaced but, that isn’t this day!

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  • Daryl McCartney

    I found this feature the other day. The only issue I had was that the icon appears over apps and makes navigation a little awkward.

    A nice work around I found is to enable the Triple-Click Home feature in the Accessibility Settings and set this to enable and disable Assistive Touch on demand.

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