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developing apps for apple watch

Since Apple announced the Apple Watch last autumn, developers across the world have had access to the WatchKit beta. During this time, Apple has partnered with a select number of companies such as Nike, Pinterest and even an Australian SuperMarket chain “Woolworths” to develop apps for the Apple Watch before its retail release in April.

The Amsys iOS training team have also been hard at work learning everything there is to know about the Apple Watch and its framework WatchKit.

So what exactly is WatchKit?

WatchKit is the framework and APIs provided by Apple to develop Apple Watch apps using either Swift or Objective-C. At the moment, native apps are not supported. Instead, the Apple Watch app acts as an extension to an iPhone app.

How can I learn to develop apps for the Apple Watch?

To complement our iOS development training programme, the natural next step for Amsys is to add an “Apple Watch Development course” to our schedule. Over the last nine months, our team have been using the betas provided by Apple to discover what works and what doesn’t so that we could create a brand new course.

How does WatchKit differ from the SDK?

In some ways, WatchKit feels very familiar. However, there are no classes that we can use to make use of for the Apple Watch but it involves similar programming principles that we currently use for iOS.

Will it be difficult to learn how to develop apps for the Apple Watch?

Not at all. If you understand iOS programming, then this is a natural extension to that. If you are new to programming, then we have always said that anyone can learn to program. All you need is some time and a good teacher.

What will you be able to develop after attending this course?

You will be able to make use of all the capabilities that WatchKit offers. Like all programming courses, we will teach you the skills then it’s down to you to use your imagination to build a killer app.

How does it differ from the iOS App Development – The Fundamentals Course?

The Amsys “Developing Apps for Apple Watch” course is focused purely on WatchKIt. The training programme is run in the same way to all our iOS development courses; with plenty of hands-on labs so that you get maximum exposure to the code.

What are the pre-requisites to attend this course?

Because Apple Watch apps require the iPhone, you will need to have a basic understanding of iOS programming, not too much, but some exposure would be great. We will be running the course for both Swift and Objective-C, so an understanding of your chosen language is required.

Why should I learn how to develop an app for Apple Watch?

If you already have an iPhone app, it makes sense if you can extend that app to the Apple Watch. Not all apps will be able to do this, but a lot can. As this is a new market, there’ll be a new gold rush so being first to market is an incentive!

How will an Apple Watch app benefit my business?

If you already have an iPhone app, adding the WatchKit component will make your app a more personal experience, which is key in the digital marketing age of today.

Will Amsys be developing an app for Apple Watch?

Stay tuned.

If you would like to learn how to develop apps for the Apple Watch then speak to the Amsys team today call 0208 645 5806 or email training@amsys.co.uk.

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