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Specialist insurance programs and high quality Apple authorised repairs.

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Key Features

  • Your device insurance programs can access fast, high- quality and fully authorised Apple repairs to support claims and returns.
  • Amsys systems integrate with your claim handling processes and logistics, creating a smooth and efficient repair flow to drive your customer satisfaction.
  • Access any or all of 3 types of service – supporting customer walk-in, individual mail in repairs and agile volume operations for advanced exchange programs.
  • Genuine parts sourced directly from Apple, trained and certified technicians and OEM tools, diagnostics and calibration processes protect the integrity of your customer devices, supporting he integrity of your brand.
  • Our Client Operations Team will work with you to deliver transparent reporting, swift claim resolution and support your fraud protection initiatives.
  • Flexible logistics options deliver speed, cost efficiency and minimum hassle to your customers.

Products and Services

Our repair solutions support the full range of Apple devices – both in and out of warranty. Our service includes:

  • Support to claim handling
  • Assistance with fraud prevention
  • Dedicated Client Operations personnel
  • Warranty Management
  • Repair and Refurbishment with Data Cleaning
  • Full OEM compliant process including diagnostics, QA and calibration.
  • End of life Asset Recovery and Aftermarket Sales
  • Value added services – screen and device protection
  • Recycling and WEEE compliant disposal

Where we can help

With vast experience working with insurance companies, large and small, we understand that efficiency and minimising the cost of claims is key to your success. Delivering a fast and courteous service to your customers, alongside the delivery of genuine and high quality repair is vital to the maintenance of your brand values, minimises returns and delivers an outstanding customer experience.

Engage with us and we’ll work hard to support your claims handling process and ensure you have happy customers. We’ll work with you to deliver an efficient program that handles everything from single repairs to volume programs.

Need more information?

For all enquiries please email alexh@amsys.co.uk