How to Solve Blurry Attachments in Apple Mail

I have found that quite a few users have been experiencing blurry/fuzzy or small images when send files as attachments.

The common misconception, is that there is a fault with their Mac or the Apple Mail app, but it is actually a feature of the Mail application; as it shrinks the image to a size that suits the email – mainly to make it aesthetically pleasing.

There is, however, a way to get around this – as long as the image is attached to Mail properly from it’s original source by either dragging and dropping it into the email or by clicking on the paperclip and navigating to the image.

When you have attached the image, look to the bottom right corner of the email screen, there should be an option called ‘image size’. Change this to the option ‘actual size’, then  the attachment should be sent through properly. I have attached an image below to show you were the option is.

I hope this helps anyone who has been experiencing this.


fuzzy mail attachments

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