How to Reset Profile Manager

So you have read Darren’s great blog post on configuring Profile Manager and you decided to go for it, but even afterreset profile manager all the wonderful advice it didn’t do what you expected, so you fiddle with it and poke it for a while with no joy, now you’re considering blowing it all away and starting again.

STOP, before you go down that one way street you might want to try resetting Profile Manager with this one liner.

sudo sh /usr/share/devicemgr/backend/

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  • Craig Kabis

    So I was able to fix this without using the script!

    I had turned Profile Manager off about a week earlier because the ruby process was sucking up a ton of CPU even though I had no web browser open viewed the Profile Manager website.

    I read on Apple’s website that someone had the issue after the IP address changed. I have this running on my laptop for testing purposes and the IP always changes.

    In I went to Status > Alerts
    The most recent alert was “The network configuration has changed”. I selected the alert > Gear icon > View Alert

    This showed me more info on the alert. The summary said some services may not work properly until they are updated to use the new configuration.

    Under Recovery Options it had Update services with a Recover button to the right. I clicked on the Recover button which showed the Change Host Name window. I went through that, selected host name for local network and used the same names I had previously. After that was done I rebooted. Turned back on Profile Manager. It worked. After logging into the website all my profile data was still intact!

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