How to Change Screen Grab Destination

How to Change the Screen Grab Destination and Image Type

I’m assuming that you all know the Mac OS X Screen Grab feature to take a picture of your screen using the shortcut  + SHIFT + 3.

I use this feature a lot and as a result  my desktop was getting littered with lots of “Screen Shot 2012-02…” files, plus the output file was a .png type and I prefer .jpg as my default file type.

To change the destination (say to a “SCREEN_GRABS” folder on your desktop instead) and file type to jpeg I used the free utility Onyx to change these parameters.

It’s very simple to action:

  • open Onyx,
  • click on the “Parameters” button,
  • and change as necessary.

As Alexander the Meercat says, “Simples”.

Changing screenshot parameters

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