Fix Corrupt PDF's from Safari in Mountain Lion

By Richard Mallion

For a while I have been experiencing issues when saving PDF’s from Safari. By either using the ‘Save-As’ option or attempting to print them resulted in a corrupt file. If  I attempted to view the saved PDFs I was presented with a message informing me the files where damaged.

This has been a problem ever since I upgraded to Mountain Lion. So over the weekend I finally found time to find a soltuion to this annoying issue.

Searching the various forums indicated this was a fairly wide spread problem.

After a bit of patience I finally found the solution.

The issue was caused with a plug-in for Acrobat Reader. Specifically the plug-in “AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin”. This plug-in can be found in “/Library/Internet Plug-ins”. By deleting this plug-in normality was restored and I can now save PDFs from Safari. This problem has plagued a number of machines I work on.

If you have the same issues then this fix will solve your problems. Please note: only remove the plug-in I listed above. There are other plug-ins and these should be left.

4 Replies to "Fix Corrupt PDF's from Safari in Mountain Lion"

  • Mountain Lion: Safari kan inte skriva ut pdf/sparar korrupta pdf:er. AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin
  • Daniel

    Will this resolve the issue for Adobe Acrobat Pro? as its also (and mainly) affecting that, and as most people know if your using pro its for the editing capabilities not just to read them so cant just say “use another program” ><

    • Richard

      Hi Daniel, It certainly did for me. In fact I still get this issue every time an Acrobat Reader update of some description comes down.

  • Elyse

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