How to Disable AirDrop

While AirDrop allows us to easily move files from machine to machine it can also be seen as a security risk in certain environments. In order to disable the service you need to add a key to the NetworkBrowser plist file, this is easy to do with the Defaults command.

defaults write /System/Library/User Template/English.lproj/Library/Preferences/ DisableAirDrop -bool YES

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  • Chris Clee

    Hi guys,

    Do you know where the plist has been moved to in Mavericks. I am managing airdrop on all OS apart from that. Apple seem to have moved loads of plists from /Library/Preferences which is where the NetworkBrowser plist was in Lion/Mountain Lion. I am currently building a laptop trolley for deployment on a group of Mavericks machines and need to switch Airdrop off. I tried your solution above to no avail.

  • Richard Mallion

    Hi Chris

    This file is still supported in Mavericks. It just not there by default. If you run the defaults command it will create the file with the key specified. Just tried it on my Mavericks client and it indeed still disables AirDrop.

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