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Enterprise App Development that drives digital transformation

Mobile data solutions for engineering companies

We specialise in developing bespoke enterprise applications that:

  • Make data mobile and accessible
  • Accelerate reporting and analytics
  • Digitise processes to save time and money
  • Help companies meet regulatory requirements

Find out what’s possible by booking a 10 minute no-strings interactive demo with one of our experts.

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What we do

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Enterprise App Development

Bespoke enterprise app development doesn’t need to break the bank. Whether you’ve tied down requirements for your company’s app yet or not, our team brings massive experience in cost-effectively designing and developing tools that transform business process and increase productivity.

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App Takeover

You may already have apps that need upgrading, updating or reconfiguring? Amsys Digital specialises in code reviews, app takeovers and provides transparent costing in accelerating your development cycle. Whether it is fixing broken code or a complete overhaul, we are here to help.

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Hosted Teams

If you have a roadmap of apps in your development pipeline or you’re committed to continued development, you may be better off having dedicated engineers working exclusively for you. Our development studio in Skopje offers you direct access to seriously gifted talent, with local management provided as part of the deal.

SB Rail’s digital transformation journey began with a plan to distribute paperwork to mobile devices to save postage, time and materials consumed sending mandatory paperwork by post.

What started out as a simple distribution mechanism, quickly grew into a mobile data solution which now drives critical parts of the business process.

SB Rail’s mobile app allows field engineers to enter and retrieve data on the move. Previously, operators needed to drive to the depot to pick up new jobs. With the app, operators can deploy direct, check whether there are parts on site, allocate resource, retrieve service histories, report completion and much more.

SB Rail estimates this app alone saves two working hours per person per day.

Foster + Partners is a global studio for architecture, urbanism and design. There is no better known or more highly respected design and architecture practice in the world.

But even a famous firm like Foster + Partners has to compete if it wants to secure the world’s most ambitious and challenging schemes. An app project to showcase the studio’s portfolio, was faltering when Amsys was engaged on an app recovery and code takeover project.

Our iOS team spent two days testing the code before kicking off an agile project to deliver a finished product within a very aggressive time frame. The app was delivered on budget and on time and was successfully deployed globally.

If you’d rather have your own developers building your apps, why not host your team with in our offshore development centre?

Based in Macedonia’s capital, Skopje, our development centre hosts teams of three developers upwards for clients. You pay a fixed monthly fee depending on the seniority of your people and we look after IT, offices, taxes etc.

Importantly, our hosted team approach allows you to lead your own people according to your own development strategy. You can add-in specialist skills from our own experts as and when you need them too.

Hosted teams offers the most cost-effective solution to clients committed to ongoing development.

Hosted Offshore Teams

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Why choose Amsys Digital?

Massive Enterprise App Development Experience

We only build apps for businesses and we’ve developed massive and specific expertise in mobile data for heavy and field engineering companies as well as medical and real estate companies. If your process demands secure access to data on the move, speak to us. It’s all we do.

Brief and Build, Hosted Teams or a Blended Approach

We’re the only agency we know that offers true flexibility in how your app gets built. If it’s a one-off project, brief us, we agree a quote and deliver. If your plans are longer-term or larger, we can help you recruit your own team in our offshore development centre.

Unrivalled Experience in App and Mobile Hardware Deployment

Building an app is only half the story, managing deployment is other half. Amsys is a deployment expert, already working with the UK’s biggest companies to administer, manage and deploy fleets of mobile devices. It’s not something many other agencies can do.

How can we help you?
If you’d like to talk to us about your enterprise app development needs, please either fill out this form, or call us on 020 8660 9999 and ask for Oli.

Top five reasons why our clients go bespoke?

One of the most common questions we’re asked these days is “why not buy an app off-the-shelf”? Well, in some cases and for come tasks that might be highly appropriate and sometimes, we advise our clients to do just this. A great many of the companies that approach us have tried off-the-shelf apps and given them up. Here are the top five reasons why:

  1. Off-the-shelf apps make you change your process to suit the app, not your business. The tail wags the dog.
  2. You can’t integrate multiple legacy data sources into off-the-shelf apps. No-one wants more standalone data silos.
  3. Securing company-wide adoption means keeping things simple. Off-the-shelf apps always include more functionality that you need and confuse users.
  4. Unsuccessful apps die. No-one knows how long an off-the-shelf app will last, or how long it will be supported. If it’s removed, does that compromise process, the business or its secure data?
  5. Success happens one step at a time. The most successful client implementations with the biggest return on investment all started with very small, simple ideas and grew from there. You can’d be specific with off-the-shelf