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Mobile data solutions for engineering companies

Our Digital Discovery Workshop is ideal for companies who appreciate the need for digital process improvement but are unsure about the potential of the technology available.

We build digital tools to help you improve process, typically through the automation of existing manual tasks, or providing a new data capture channel for your management team to gain better insight into your business.

The Workshop

Day 1: Digital Discovery Workshop: We meet with you to understand the problems you are trying to solve and help explore other areas where digital process transformation can help you improve productivity, efficiency or insight and deliver a tangible return on your investment.

Day 2: Developer Analysis: We run a review with our development team to analyse results from the visit and brainstorm solutions to help you streamline your business.

Following the Workshop we’ll deliver a report of our findings in which we’ll aim to make at least 3 recommendations for your consideration.

Our report will identify:

  • What type of app or tool should you build? Native, Hybrid or Web app, iOS / android or both.
  • What features should the app have? Ranked from highest-lowest priority.
  • Data security plan.
  • How best to distribute the app to your employees.
  • Managing updates and ongoing support.
  • Integration options with current systems/platforms.

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Who is this for?

If you are responsible for operations or filed support teams and you know that there are areas of inefficiency that you can solve with digital tools, then this workshop will help you unlock solutions.

Fees: The Digital Discovery Workshop costs £1,500+VAT. If you choose to develop any of our recommendations, the cost of this consultancy is credited against development costs of your solution.