How to customise and order your Mailboxes in iOS 7 Mail

I have been using Mail on my iPhone since iOS 1, however I didn’t become a fan of the app until Apple released iOS 7. Now it looks good, and allows for the customisation of my mailboxes.

Once I had setup all my accounts and started Mail for the first time, it looked quite confusing due to all the different mailboxes and accounts that were listed.

ios 7 mail customisation

However, all of this can be taken care of with the use of one button in the top right corner called “Edit”.

I love the fact that I can get rid of all my mailboxes and just leave “All Inboxes” visible. This way, I can access the e-mails from all my mailboxes in one place. My favourites are Unread, VIP and Flagged, as they allow me to see my unread messages, letters from VIP senders, and all my Flagged messages from different mailboxes.

Step 1: Tap “edit”

edit ios mail

Step 2: Now, all all the hidden smart mailboxes will be revealed, which you can change the position and order of

drop down reveal
Step 3:
Tap and hold the “hamburger” icon on the left, so that you can change the list order of a folder

hamburger icon

Step 4: Tap the grey circle on the left, to activate a folder as a main mailbox option

Step 4: To active these folders, tap done

Another great feature that will please those who like their e-mails carefully arranged into folders (which is how I like it), is the ability to add a folder to the main screen of Mail as a mailbox.

Step 1: Tap the “Edit” button

edit ios mail
Step 2: Tap “Add Mailbox…”

add mailbox ios7
Step 3: Tap on your chosen account

choose mail account ios 7
Step 4: Tap the folder that you want quick access to

choose folder

Step 5: Tap “Done” on the top right corner of the screen

tap done

And the final result, is a well organised and functional mail app, customised according to your needs, that will save you time rather than trying to navigate through a messy digital life.

ordered ios mailbox


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