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AD Integration

Integrating Mac OS X with a Microsoft Active Directory system can present a number of challenges. To ensure that the solution works smoothly from the first use, our consultants have designed a bespoke login system that bypasses a number of the common technical issues.

The bespoke solution has been in use at a number of sites around the UK, all of which have noticed a dramatic reduction in support calls related to Macs and AD integration.

Managed Preferences

Managed Preferences (commonly known as MCX or Managed Client for OS X) can be configured from a central Mac OS X Server to centrally administer and distribute management and security policies for Mac OS X clients on your network. These include settings such as Dock icons, Application Restrictions, Energy Saving policies and many more.

Our consultants have spent many years working with Mac OS X servers managed preferences service and can deliver the benefits of this deep understanding to your establishment.

Connecting Macs to Windows Servers

In addition to integration with Active Directory, IT staff often face challenges connecting Mac OS X clients and servers to other services provided by a Microsoft Windows infrastructure.
We can help you successfully integrate with the the majority of Microsoft Server technologies, including file sharing services, Exchange services and network services.
By using the right combination of standard UNIX tools with bespoke solutions, we can ensure that your IT environment delivers on its requirements to your organisation.

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