How to block your contacts from messages and FaceTime apps

If you’re being stalked or pranked over iMessage or FaceTime, you can block that contact and prevent them from bothering you ever again.

It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s oh-so-gratifying. If there’s an especially annoying someone you’ve been waiting to ignore, here’s how to do it!

With the OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 update, amongst the bug and security fixes, Apple also introduced a feature that had been missing for iMessage users on the Mac – the ability to block individual contacts within the Messages and FaceTime app.

Block your Messages Contacts in Mavericks:

1. Go your Message app and select preferences and click blocked

click on blocked2. Click on the plus icon

block contacts in mavericks message3. Select the contact you wish to block

choose from the list of contacts4. Your contact will be successfully blocked from sending you future messages

now you contact is blocked

Block your FaceTime Contacts in Mavericks:

1. Open FaceTime and go to preferences, at the bottom of this pane, select “blocked”

block facetime on mavericks step 1

2. Now select the plus icon

block facetime mavericks step 2

3. Choose the contact you want to block

block facetime contacts step 3

4. Your blocked contact will now appear in your blocked contacts panel

facetime block contacts in mavericks

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