3 Replies to "Apple Remove Virus Claim From Their Website"

  • R Limoges

    Oh great. Their claim was a major reason for my switching from a PC to a Mac. In your view, do we have to install anti-virus software pronto? That in itself has caused problems in the past.

    • John

      Well in fairness Apple have always recommended Anti Virus software but Mac users have tended to never bother as the Mac market share was so small no one really bothered to try and exploit it.

      As Apple have grown bigger and bigger (mainly down to iPhone’s and iPad’s) it seems to have become a bigger target and there have started to be some vulnerabilities appearing.

      That said, I agree that Anti Virus software has in the past caused issues.

      Personally, I have not got any anti virus software on my Mac and still have no intention of doing so. I would however, recommend making sure you keep your software updated at all times (via Software Update) and Apple also recommend logging in as a standard user account as opposed to an Admin to restrict any nasty Applications or processes that may get installed.

      Other than that, vigilance and care will be your friends. Always watch what sites you visit, what you download etc etc..


      • Terry Stubb

        Thanks, John, for that insight. I guess even Apple isn’t invincible to viruses now and other online nastiness that Windows users experience beforehand.

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