The Apple Master trainer certification

Last month Apple announced that they were introducing a new certification for Apple Certified trainers called the “Apple Master Trainer” certification. The certification has been designed by Apple to recognise those trainers “who build their skills and knowledge around Apple technologies” and “stand out as experts.”

Throughout Europe there are a total of 700 Apple Certified Trainers, of which, 20 have been awarded this new certification, 5 of whom are from Amsys.  So, we just wanted say congratulations to all the Apple trainers who have been awarded their Apple Master’s certification.

At Amsys training we have 6 Apple Certified trainers, Richard Mallion, Peter Argyle, Russell Harris, Hugo Costa, John Greenash and our newest addition to the team, Daryl McCartney.

Who are our Apple Master trainers?

Richard, is our IT Director with extensive experience within both windows and mac platforms, programming, cross platform integration, app development and much more! Richard trains the “Learn iOS 6 SDK Workshop,” he also created the popular revision tool, REVISE IT.

Pete’s been an Apple fan pretty much since Apple II. He is now the head of our training department and trains, ACA, ACSP, ACTC, Advanced Deployment, Advanced Directory Services, Advanced OS X security and our iOS Deployment & Security courses, he recently took our training to Iceland, which you can read about, here.

Russell, has been a member of the Amsys team for over 16 years now, initially starting out his Apple career in our workshop, he then became an Apple certified trainer in 2003. Russell trains ACMT, ACSP, ACTC, ACA as well as, Mac Support for PC, Advanced Deployment and Keynote and iBooks.

Hugo started as a service technician then progressed to Technical Management before joining the training team 3 years ago. Hugo now trains all of the Apple certifications, as well as Advanced Deployment, Advanced Directory Services, Advanced OS X security.

John also started out as a hardware technician at Amsys then progressing to onsite repairs/installations and service management which was followed by a role as an Apple Genius at the Regent Street store.  Since returning to Amsys, John teaches the following courses, ACMT, Apple’s Support and Server Essentials courses as well as iOS Deployment and Security, iWorks and Keynote. John recently went to Saudi Arabia to train “Getting Started with OS X” which you can read about, here.

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