3 Replies to "Amsys Revision app updated for OS X Server 10.8"

  • dxtr


    Great app thanks for making it.
    Any chance of it becoming an iPad app?
    Looks OK with the 2x but it would be nice if it was native and supported rotation.


  • Hi Dxtr,

    Thanks for the feedback on the app. Really glad you like it.

    We have just updated it to support the new OS X Server Essential exam for Mountain Lion.

    There are plans to make the next version a universal app.

    We anticipate this may take around 2 months. Stay tuned.


  • dxtr

    Thanks Richard,

    I passed my ACTC for 10.7 because of this app, cold no prep in an Apple Authorized Training Facility. Which we are.
    I was already an ACTC for 10.5 and 10.6 so some advantage there but I do not ever really use the ACTC just have to be certified because I work for an Apple Specialist as a Repair Tech.
    I do not think I would have made it without this app!
    Now for 10.8….. Looking forward to the Universal app.


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