iOS Integration

Let’s clear up two things here. Firstly the iPhone and iPad are not just expensive toys. Secondly, you don’t have to spend weeks wasting time, money and resource undertaking research into how you are going to integrate, secure and manage deploying iPhone and iPad within your organisation.

OK, so we love comparing the latest fun apps with our fellow iPhone enthusiasts. And yes the iPad is just so kind of cool, we have to show it off at any opportunity, but……

Putting our corporate hats on for a moment. Think about the business potential of these devices and what deploying iPhone could mean for your organisation. The physical limitations and barriers of the office are being broken down as mobile technology continues to advance. Work is increasingly undertaken outside of the traditional corporate environment – on the train, in hotels, or at home.

There’s always been an army of executives and sales reps criss crossing the country from meeting to meeting. Swelling their ranks out in the field are a new breed of employee, set free from their office cubicles. The home worker. Their number has risen dramatically in the last few years.

Think the iPhone and iPad have no place in business? Then think again. These workers are crying out for a new breed of mobile device to meet their needs for working beyond the confines of the office. And not just any old mobile device, but something that’s user friendly, has a great screen and brings together features likes email, web, phone, GPS, audio, video in one handy piece of kit -the iPhone or iPad.

With iPhone and iPad, business users have email, calendar, contacts and access to corporate resources and information no matter where they are.

Coming round to the idea? Good, but I’m guessing that you might still be worried that deploying iPhone enterprise wide will be complicated and company data protection compromised? Don’t be.

By working with a trusted partner like Amsys you can tap into and utilise our expertise in using iPhones and iPads in business. Amsys can provide you with all the integration training and consultancy your organisation needs in order to make your iPhone enterprise roll out a smooth, seamless and successful process.

Working together we can help you:

  • Connect seamlessly to MS Exchange and standards based servers for corporate email calendar and contacts
  • Protect and encrypt data
  • Securely access corporate networks
  • Set up wireless app distribution for in-house apps

Call us on, 0208 660 9999 or email, today to find out how your organisation can start reaping the business benefits of iPhone and iPad integration.