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Server uptime is critical to the success of your organisation, and you need to know when things go wrong, before it happens.

What Is ARM And How Does It Work?

Information is fed to our monitoring dashboard and at the moment an issue is detected, it is flagged up to our technical team who investigate.

This ensures that issues are raised at the earliest opportunity and can be dealt with to reduce the likelihood of failure and system loss.

Server monitoring is a service that Amsys have always offered, but up until now, this has been an end-of-month task requiring direct investigation by our technicians. We wanted to be able to monitor individual Mac servers in more depth and on a real-time basis and be able to warn you of impending issues and failure, so we can help keep you working.

An array of server monitoring products have been widely available to Windows servers, and their use is widespread. Apple server hardware and software has not typically enjoyed the same level of protection (with the exception of the discontinued Xserve). We decided to investigate the few products on the market, which are available to the Mac community.

However, after extensive testing on our own internal servers, we found that none of them came close to meeting our expectations. So we developed (and tested) our own.

amsys server monitor

What Is Real Time Monitor?

Amsys Real-time Monitor is a software product, embedded in your server to monitor eleven critical processes constantly.

What Does It Monitor?

  • Disk tests – disks are present, mounted, drive status, drive usage and remaining space, RAID configuration.
  • Components – CPU and memory usage every 30 seconds, activity beyond thresholds is reported.
  • Software – detect and monitor services the server is providing.
  • Back-Up – checks to ensure supported backups are running successfully.
  • Logs – Security and System logs checked for error messages.
  • Intrusion Detection – within days of our first deployment we detected an unwanted intruder to the system and were able to alert our client.

How Do You Access This Service?

Simply call or email our support team, and they will talk you through the service and what is involved in the set up. You will find it is quick and easy to add an enhanced layer of protection to your servers. What’s more, you will be surprised at how cost effectively you can be covered.

Speak To Amsys About How ARM Can Benefit Your Business Now

For more information contact us or download the PDF, which explains the 11 critical processes in more detail.

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