Remote Support

Our Remote Support service is staffed by our Apple Certified technicians, and aims to bring solutions to Mac OS X users over the phone or via our free remote support software.

Our support service is suitable for:

  • IT staff
  • Small to large businesses
  • Corporations
  • Homesremote support os x

Our IT support technicians can help to solve your problems ranging from setting up mail, password changes, setting up a secure VPN, calendar set up, remote access; all done from the Amsys service desk.

Experts On Hand

You can expect your support to be handled by a technician, experienced with all OS X versions up to 10.8 Mountain Lion.

We believe in providing a range of options to suit your needs which include:

Contract Support

A remote support contract allows us to resolve your issues in minutes wherever you are.
Our certified service desk staff will temporarily take control of your desktop or server through secure connection means and get you working as quickly as possible.
Amsys Contract Support package has been configured to meet your budget and anticipated demand and includes:

  • Unlimited and priority access to the Service desk for remote and telephone support.

Ad-Hoc Support

If you are unsure whether Contract Support is for you, why not try our Pay as you Go service, simply pay for support as and when you need it.

Connecting to your Mac.

  • We use a variety of ways to gain secure access to your mac – it is quick and easy.
  • Or we can set up a secure VPN access to your system.


The Amsys Service desk is available from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and offers 3-tier Mac Support.

Remote Support Software

To download our Free Remote Support software – provided by LogMeIn please follow these steps:

1. Click here to download the support module. You will be directed to a LogMeIn page.

  • Please tick the box: I have received this link from a trusted sources and continue.

2. An installer will download, please go to your downloads folder and install the package by double clicking. If at any stage you are unsure, our service desk technician will be there to help.

3. As soon as the installation is finished, we will be able to connect to your Mac remotely to resolve your technical issues.

If at any point you need to terminate the connection, simply quit the LogMeIn application.

Click here to download the Amsys Remote Support Module