Mac Support for Education

Your IT networks lie at the heart of your department’s infrastructure.


While you may already have a team of IT staff in place, an outsourced support contract is recommended to help if things go wrong outside the technical expertise or equipment that is immediately accessible to your team.

System Installations & Integrations

We’ll help switch entire departments from PC to Mac or deploy iPads and other devices in time for the start of the new school term while providing expert advice for best practices moving forward

  • Onsite consultants throughout the process

Security & Mobility Set up

How confident are you that the data stored on mobile devices such as MacBooks and iPads is safe from prying eyes?  We will work with you to advise and configure the most appropriate level of data encryption to ensure that your company data is safe and secure.

  • Set up manageable password protected user accounts
  • Remote and Onsite solutions

Disaster Recovery

Accidental deletion of files by the users, complete hardware failure of the servers can create significant downtime, and have significant disruption across the campus.

“How confident is your team that they can recover quickly and easily from these situations?”

  • We’ll examine the configuration of your IT Systems
  • Assess how quickly your I.T. team can recover from a failure
  • Document the steps you should take to improve overall recovery time

Other popular services:

Switching a department from PC to Mac needn’t be a costly or stressful process

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Ensure that if your Macs require repairs or maintenance, they receive the best possible care.

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