Data Backup

This bit is critical. Very few businesses don’t have a backup in place, but how many have the correct protocol or test them? Here’s what we offer:

Policy and Implementation

First we will advise you on appropriate solutions to match your data, budget and operational procedures, then we will set the system up for you and make sure it is working correctly.

Daily Backup

Many of our clients appreciate the peace of mind associated with daily back up checks. Now you know the backup is working you can concentrate on making money!

Data Recovery

In the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure we will either restore data from backup of help you access data recovery services. If we have both attended to the first two points, this bit is less stressful.

test data restore

Test Restore

Don’t be one of the unfortunate companies who discover that a backup is corrupt at the point when they need it. An annual or biannual test restore will prove that the backup of data and system is working as it should.

offsite data backup

Offsite Backups

Maybe you don’t want vital backups under the same roof. Speak to us about offsite backups.


PresSTORE 4 is a high performance, secure and reliable DR software solution.


PresSTORE consists of four products: PresSTORE Backup, PresSTORE Archive, PresSTORE Synchronise and PresSTORE Backup2Go that can be combined according to your requirements

data backup presstorePresSTORE Backup

PresSTORE Backup is the automatic, high-performance server backup and restore solution for saving data to tape or disk. It allows you to create automatic backup schedules or to run manual backups. These backups are all interruptible and are fully encrypted to provide data security.

presstore synchronizePresSTORE Synchronize

PresSTORE Synchronize is the simple solution for high data availability. Live RAIDs or SANs can be cloned to secondary servers. In the event of a failure, your data is immediately accessible from the secondary data store, including previous versions of files if required. Support for Apple Xsan with FSevent features for immediate identification of changes. The product can ban be used with PresSTORE Backup to create a Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape workflow.

presstore archivePresSTORE Archive

PresSTORE Archive is designed from the ground up to provide a mechanism for long-term storage. Intended for freeing up space on expensive Raid storage by migrating data to tape, Archive offers extendable metadata fields and Quicktime previews for effective search and retrieval of your data.

PresSTORE Archive can monitor files, folders and the directory structure to archive files automatically. Fine-grained filtering may be applied to select or exclude files based on name, size, date etc. Within minutes an archive can be configured and running. The administrator can give user rights to search, browse and/or restore from the Archive if required.

back up to go presstorePresSTORE Backup2Go

A reliable, secure and efficient backup for laptops and workstations to disk. The laptop/workstation triggers a process to backup your valuable data – regardless of your location. You could be in the office, on the road or at home!

The result is a reliable, secure and efficient backup procedure. Very little administration is required. The backup runs as a background process and saves data automatically to your central server as soon as your computer has access to a network.