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Objective-C for Beginners

Why Take The Objective-C For Beginners Course:

Now Updated for Xcode 6

Whether you’re are brand new to programming, or have some experience with other languages such as Java and Visual Basic, then this course will get you up to speed fast with Objective-C.

The course has been designed to give you the fundamental skills needed to get going when starting out on developing iOS and OS X applications.

The course covers the basics of ANSI C and then we get into Objective-C, which is the cornerstone of iOS development. Following this course you will be able to take the Amsys Certification in Objective-C exam.

Our smaller class size will help ensure that you get all your questions answered. All our development courses are taught by developers who have developed real world applications and a wide variety of platforms including iOS, OSX and Android.

What You’ll Learn

The course is two days long and is quite intensive – we cover quite a bit in these two days.

We start off covering standard C. We look at how a C program starts out, and we look at the basic syntax and formatting of the C language. We cover a range of ideas including variable usage, running code based on conditions, looping a piece of code and much more.

We then step over to Objective-C. This is the fundamental language used by Apple in their software development kits. We first look at what a class is and how you would construct one from scratch. Then we look at how you create and use objects from these classes.

Once you have a good understanding on how classes work, we look at some of the more important Foundation classes that Apple supplies for you. A lot of these classes are to deal with storage of data, such as strings and arrays.

After attending this course, you will be in a good position to start learning how to code iOS apps.

We also take a look at Xcode, how to manage your code files and debug your code.

And remember, Amsys offer free technical support and help after the course. So when you get back to the office and still have a few questions, we are here to help
These exams will be free for the next 6 months until the 31st September 2015.

Amsys Certified Developer Certification (ACD)

There are two iOS certifications available when you take this course:

These exams will be free for the next 6 months until the 31st September 2015.

Objective-C For Beginners Courses Outline

  • Xcode: Xcode is Apple’s IDE. No course would be complete without having an understanding on how to use Xcode to manage and compile your code.
  • Primitive Data Types: Learn how to store and retrieve numerical data for integer and floating point numbers.
  • Conditions: Quite often you will only want to execute a piece of code on the outcome of a specific condition. Here we look at how you can achieve this.
  • Loops: Computer programs are great at repeating a given task. We will look at various options we have at repeating a task such as using For loops and While loops.
  • Functions: Functions are C’s way of organising your code into manageable pieces which can they be reused over and over again. You will learn how to create your own functions.
  • Variable Scope: Any data you store within your code has a defined lifetime. Its very important to understand how this works and how it effects the data within your app.
  • Arrays: Arrays allow you to store multiple related values. Learn how to create and use arrays within your code.
  • Pointers: Pointers are at the heart of Objected Orientated programming. Understanding how pointers work and how you use them is a key skill anyone should have.
  •  Structures: Structures allow you to store different pieces of data of different types in one place. Very useful in any program.
  • Classes: Classes are at the hearts of Apple’s APIs for iOS and OS X development. Learn what a class is, how to design and create them. We will also look at a feature called inheritance which allows you to string several classes together.
  • Objects: Objects are created from classes and this is what you would manipulate in your code to store data and perform tasks. Learn how to create , use and destroy objects.
  • Foundation: We will then look at Apple’s Foundation classes. These are a set of classes Apple provide to help you store and manipulate different types of data. Examples include NSString, NSArray, NSNumber and NSDictionary.
  • Memory: Apple have really simplified memory management in your apps however its still a good idea to understand how memory management works. We will look at the principals behind retain counts and take a look at ARC, which is Apple’s automated memory management system.

This course will prepare you to take our popular, five-day iOS App Development The Fundamentals course.

Take this course if you are:

  • Interested in learning Objective-C and the Foundation Framework to develop code for the iPhone or Mac OS X desktop apps.


Objective-C for Beginners

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Q: Are there any prerequisites for training courses?
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Q: When can I take the exam?
A: The certified exams are administered at the end of the final day of each course. The instructor offers a review session and tips to best prepare you for the exam. The time allotted for the exam is 2 hours.

Q: What happens if I’m not ready to take the exam on the final day of the course?
A: If you feel you’re not ready to take the exam, you are welcome to come back to Amsys at a later day to take the exam. You can contact a member of the Amsys training team to arrange this.

Q: What happens if I don’t pass the exam?
A: You are welcome to retake the exam, at a fee of £85. The retake must be taken at least 7 days after the previous take.

Q: What Apple certifications are available?
A: For IT professionals Apple offer 4 certifications, Apple Certified Associate (ACA), Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP), Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) and Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT).

Further information on these certifications can be found on our certification guide here. If you are not sure which certification to take please contact a member of our training team.


Q: What is a valid form of payment?
A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, company purchase orders and personal checks. Payment must be made before the course has started

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