With a bewildering array of available storage types, filesystems, RAID levels and cable connectors, not to mention the possible speeds, capacities and other performance characteristics, it can be extremely difficult to choose a suitable storage solution for your business.

Our team  have unequalled experience advising and installing storage systems for organisations of all sizes, ranging from small direct attached firewire and USB storage to fibre channel based cluster file systems.

Storage Features

The storage you choose can differ greatly in characteristics. Our first step in the consultancy process is to determine which areas are important to your workflows, ranging from basic read / write performance, the storage solutions capacity and what level of redundancy you require.

What Hardware?

Amsys do not go for a “one size fits all” system, but rather choose from a large selection of vendors and storage types to ensure you get the most suitable, and best value for money solution possible.

The hardware, ranging from LaCie Rugged FireWire & USB drives or a Promise Pegasus Thunderbolt RAID, right up to a multi-terabyte SAN storage, Amsys have expert knowledge with each hardware type that your organisation can leverage to make the best selection.

Backup & Archive Storage

Backup and archive storage has some very specific requirements, regarding portability (for off-site backups) and large capacity. Typically, tape auto-loaders have been the device of choice for enterprise organisations. With the large capacity increase in recent years, disk based storage has been popular with companies that only require the backup for a few terabytes of information.

More recently, the gap between tape and disk based backup and archive has been bridged by RDX units. These disk based “cartridge” units have the behaviour and portability of tapes, but benefit from the extremely fast random access functionality of disk based storage.

We have extensive experience with all of these technologies and actively invest time in research and development. Each of our recommendations include the peace of mind that we have performed exhaustive tests to ensure that the product will meet your needs.

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