Mac OS X Server

Knowing how to set up a complete, end-to-end Mac OS X deployment solution can be difficult and time consuming. Our team of consultants work alongside our Apple certified trainers, to deliver onsite consulting for anything from large-scale deployments to smaller complex jobs.

See below for a range ways that we can help your business and Mac OS X server:


Mac OS X Server is able to provide a centralised file storage area for the users in your business that is accessible by both Mac & PC client computers.


Take control of your own email service, while cutting costs of an externally hosted service by making use of Mac OS X Server’s email server.


With the Mac OS X Server, you can store all of your users calendar events centrally, while taking advantage of delegated access control between users on the system and real-time user availability information.


The Mac OS X Server Address Book service will allow the users in your organisation to store their address books (using the Address Book application) on the server, enabling all of their devices to read and edit the same contact information, over the air.


Mac OS X Server enables groups of users to collaborate through their own wiki-intranet website. The Mac OS X Server wiki service comes complete with a group calendar, blog, and mailing list. Users can create and edit wiki pages, and access pages from their Mac or iPhone.

Managed prefs

Workgroup Manager simplifies system administration by providing centralised directory-based management of users, groups, and computers across your organisation. For example, you can create standardised desktop configurations, set preferences, and establish password policies, as well as control access to hardware, software, and network resources.

Network deploy

For larger environments, Mac OS X Server can offer a network boot and deployment facility. This will allow the I.T. staff within your organisation create master images that can be deployed to the workstations as required.

Backup server

As part of the disaster recovery plans for your company, Mac OS X Server is able to act as a very powerful backup server, giving you the ability to restore lost or damaged files, or even entire machine configurations as required.


For high-availability environments, we have a number of fail-over configurations for your servers that will be able to survive if parts of your I.T. infra-structure suffer hardware failures.

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