Security & Mobility

If you need to provide secure services to your desktop infrastructure and mobile devices whether locally or remotely and you are unsure how, then speak to one of our consultants.

The virus threat to Macs may not be as significant as for other platforms, but you should consider what protection you need as well as your operational policies to ensure your network, data and intellectual property remain secure.


To adequately protect your Mac I.T. systems and the data it holds, we can advise, supply and configure an anti-virus solution.


Over recent years, there has been a growing need for secure remote access for mobile workers. VPN is a perfect solution to but requires specific configuration of the server (VPN endpoint) and associated networking hardware.

We have a wealth of experience setting up different types and configurations of VPN networks and are well placed to add this ability to your existing network.


Are you confident the company data stored on mobile devices such as MacBooks and iPads is safe from prying eyes?

With the increase in mobile working, data security has become a much more significant threat in recent years.  There are a range of data encryption options available to Mac OS X and iOS devices (some better than others).

We will work with you to advise and configure the most appropriate level of data encryption to ensure that your company data is safe and secure.


We have been working since day one with iPads and the Apple iOS and can offer a large range of services that will enable you to leverage these incredibly powerful and versatile tools.

Password Policy

As your data security (or more specifically the data encryption) is only as safe as the password you pick, it is very important that all of your staff are “encouraged” to pick sensible and secure passwords by way of password policies.

Avoiding passwords that are the same as the users name, contain words included in dictionaries and ensuring that passwords are changed from time to time, help to greatly increase the level of security for your sensitive data.

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