Solutions Partner Programme

As the UK’s largest non-reseller provider of Apple technical services to enterprise, Amsys willingly partners with organisations of all sizes whose clients have Mac requirements, but lack the resource to deliver them organically. From PC services companies, broadline resellers to large System Integrators, Amsys is able to deliver technical services and support for its partners at all levels.

Amsys is not an Apple Authorised Reseller so there is no risk that there will be a conflict of interest with partners’ clients. We prefer to work as ‘Amsys’ for your clients, not under your name (if this causes issue we can discuss) as we believe this is a more transparent way to work and prevents any confusion on the customer site. With a successful 25 years in the Mac business and trusted by Apple, we think your clients will be reassured that you have chosen to partner with Amsys.

Our Partner Programme aims to deliver or help you develop the resource and capability you need to offer a full service solution to your clients. As you develop that capability, you can outsource those service elements you need until you become self-sufficient. Unlike many of our competitors, we are entirely comfortable that our Partners develop internal resource and capability that means they will ultimately not need us to support them. It is our belief that as you grow your resource you will choose to engage with us to keep it staffed and trained and there will always be some elements (maybe hardware) that you do not wish to bring in-house.