iPad in Business

using iPad for business

The sleek, lightweight design of the iPad, combined with outstanding applications such as Mail, Calendar and Safari plus a simple integration system, enables you to be productive from just about anywhere; whether you are on the move or working from home.

The implementation of 3G means that the user will be able to access the web from nearly any location, even some of the most remote places on the planet.


Why choose the iPad?

Improved functionality creates increased productivity

iPad improves functionality for business
Design elements include a large high-resolution LED-backlit IPS display with a responsive multi touch screen and instant on access, complete with up to 10 hours of battery life and a beautiful applications package; available to use as soon as you get back to the office or home.

Perfect for the individual or business team.

The iPad has revolutionized the small business meeting, right through to the executive boardroom, due to the users ability to now deliver exceptional presentations using Keynote or PowerPoint via iPads many powerful apps.


Taking technology within business to a new level.

The precision of the Multi Touch screen, is incredibly responsive and allows the user to complete projects and tasks using just their fingers, without the need for extensive training and support.
With an added advantage of its longer battery life, now lasting up to 10 hours, iPad is ready to go whenever required.

iPad comes pre-loaded with a wide range of apps, including: Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Maps, Notes and Safari. All applications are at your fingertips, so, whether it’s scrolling through messages in Mail, pinching to zoom into locations on Maps, or sharing ideas via Notes in meetings it couldn’t be slicker. With 3G and Wi-Fi you have immediate access to the Internet via Safari wherever you are.

Seamless business integration

Protecting your data and ensuring security is of a paramount importance, which is why data on the iPad has been secured using a full device encryption and support for passcode along with other remote management policies.
Microsoft Exchange Active Sync Support
Connection to the company’s servers to push email, sync calendar and events has never been simpler, as the iPad integrates quickly, and effortlessly with the existing network infrastructure. Accessing secure data using support via VPN and encryption ensures that sensitive and confidential material is protected.

Microsoft Exchange Active Sync Support

The user can connect to enterprise mail servers, such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino via Exchange ActiveSync, while IT can implement strict passcodes and remotely wipe the iPad in the event of it being stolen. The sophisticated nature of Certificate-based authentication means that only previously approved users can access Exchange and encrypted SSL communication to and from the server in order to protect data.

Standard- based Servers

Support for standard-based servers for email, contacts and calendar is also a pre-requisite for iPad.

  • IMAP servers allow users to sync emails and notes
  • CalDAV enables support for calendar servers such as iCal Server, Oracle Beehive or Zimbra so the user can deliver the latest events or create new invitations all on the go
  • LDAP support grants access to the user to their corporate directories.

Virtual Private Networks

The seamless connection from iPad to VPN servers offers the user secure access to important business information. Pre-installed VPN client supports Cisco IPSec, L2TP/IPSev and PPTP tunneling protocols. Furthermore, VPN On Demand enables certificate- based authentications connecting to VPN servers, seamless and transparent to the user.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Networks

The implementation of WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi with 802.1x authentication has created a seamless process when accessing secure enterprise Wi-FI networks via iPad. Consequently features such as Automatic Wi-Fi Login have meant joining unknown networks and staying connected easier, whether the user is on the office, or on the move.

Secured Data

iPads layered approach, combining device policies, restrictions and strong encryption methods creates an altogether more secure platform.

  • Hardware encryption protects your data whilst iPad is resting
  • Stolen, or lost iPads can be wiped of data by utilizing the remote wipe command via Exchange

Device Security

Prevention of unauthorized access to important information can be employed via over-the-air enforcement. The first step in iPads defence strategy is usually the passcode, which can be customized via an extensive range of requirements including:

  • Timeout periods
  • Passcode complexity
  • Device restrictions e.g. installation or YouTube access

Network Security

Proven technologies can be used to access private business information when using the iPad via Wi-Fi or mobile data networks. The integration with a wide set of VPN technologies ensures the highest level of IP-based encryption for transmission of private data. In addition, SSL/TLS is used by all application to allow for encrypted communication between iPad corporate services.

The secure nature of iPad provides a solid foundation between third-party apps… consequently all iPad apps must be authorized by developers, guaranteeing apps from being tampered or altered.

  • All apps are “sandboxed” preventing the app from accessing data that may have been stored by other applications
  • Credentials of other apps are sandboxed and saved within an encrypted keychain

App developers can implement encryption within their own application to provide additional protection to sensitive data.

Easy Configuration With Amsys

Configuration of iPad with business is straightforward. A configuration profile can be set up to include all the information about the companys VPN, email, Wi-Fi network and passcode policies, which can then be sent to every other iPad via Wi-Fi or USB. Simply instruct other users to tap to install the profile with their company’s settings. If you don’t have the expertise to deploy iPads yourselves or need advice give us a call.