• Last chance to take 10.7 exams

    Mac OS X Lion

    The final date for Lion 10.7 exams has just been confirmed as the 14th June 2013, these exams include: – Mac Integration Basics (9L0-407), – ACTC 10.7 Re-certification (9L0-517) – OS X Support Essentials 10.7 (9L0-410) – OS X Server Essentials 10.7 (9L0-515) If you are still yet to take the examination required to get […]


  • How Margaret got her app live & how you can do it too!


    Hearing about our students stories, accomplishments and the projects that they have delivered since attending our courses is a very rewarding time and provides us with inspiration and pride in the work that we do here at Amsys training. Back in 2012m, Margaret, a graphic designer from Essex, took the Amsys Objective-C for Beginners and […]


    How to disable Mission Control and Spaces in OS X

    How to Disable Mission Control and Spaces in OS X.

    Following on from my previous blog ‘Prevent OS X help windows from hogging your screen’, here’s another defaults write configuring tip, this time it’s all about disabling Mission Control. When disabling Mission Control, it also disables the Spaces feature – providing that you close all of your spaces prior to disabling Mission Control.   To […]


    NameChanger, a powerful, free, file renaming utility


    NameChanger is powerful utility for batch processing the renaming of multiple files. NameChanger has many options including append/prepend text, sequential numbering, and date/time stamp for renaming files. A domestic scenario where this utility maybe useful (techies may also find this utility useful) would be a batch pictures copied off a digital camera whereby the files […]


    Last night’s Mac Meetup & Apple Quiz!


    Thanks to everyone who came to last night’s Mac Meetup! It was great to see so many of you there – plus some new faces too. We also had a whip round for a winner takes all quiz that Pete put together, which was won by Matt Barton! If you weren’t able to make it […]


    Did you know about this handy search tool on the Apple website?


    While teaching Apple’s official courses, there are constant references to Apple’s Support Articles. For those of you that have not used them, by going to search.info.apple.com you will find the Advanced Search section of the Apple website. This is an invaluable tool for researching issues with Apple devices. During a Server Essentials course I taught […]


    Bash Scripting: Network Locations

    bash scripting

    Hi all. Welcome back to my (hopefully) popular Bash scripting series! In this batch I plan to go through some items which I learnt for a recent education project: modifying network locations via the command line, modifying proxy settings via the command line, and combining the two into a possible first run script that can […]


    Compressing large files to send via email


    This week’s blog post is based on compressing files on your Mac. This is very useful when sending image attachments in emails, as you may or may not know that most email hosts block attachments over 10MB with the rare case of some email hosts, like Gmail, being 20MB. This useful, free and really simple […]


    New courses and events this Spring


    This Spring our team have been busy launching several new courses and events, the summaries of which you can find below… Advanced System Administration Package Have you been missing ACSA? We now have a series of training courses, called the “Advanced System Administration Package,” which fills the skills gap that was left following ACSA departure. […]


    Using Command Line to benchmark disks


    As a ServiceDesk and OS X engineer you often find that you need to benchmark your disk to see if the performance has deteriorated. There are a large number of disk benchmark applications out there, which are all effective at what they do. If, however, you are stuck without the ability to download any of […]