• How to quickly eject single or multiple partitions in OS X


    OS X requires you to manually eject all drives before disconnecting them. This can be a little irritating if you have a connected hard drive which has multiple partitions and you wish to either unmount just one partition, or all of them in one go. The Finder will load up a dialog window asking you […]


  • Amsys Mac Meetup

    Amsys mac meetup

    Join us, in Soho, for the Amsys “Mac Meetup.” A chance for fellow IT professionals to have a chat about all things OS X and iOS over a beer (or two)! A couple of our trainers and consultants will also be around, so if you have a question, thought or idea to bounce off of […]


    Modifying OS X User Template


    For system admins that often require uniform user creation on their machines, it often involves the laborious task of creating users and manually copying files over to each users home folders. There is, however, a much easier and faster way of automating this task. When a user is created in OS X, there are a […]


    An interview with Charles Edge – Part 2

    mac os x lion server charles edge

    In this final part of our 2 part interview with Charles Edge, we find out one of the craziest things he’s seen a Mac used for, his thoughts on Mac VS PC and his favourite Apple product. Read part 1 here >> Amsys: In a recent blog we used an example of logging into the […]


    Determine what files are changed following a modification


    Have you ever wondered what files get changed when you modify a preference within an application? Looking to identify the file so you can then deploy it out to other users/computers? Well here is a great app that I have been using for quite some time now. It’s called fseventer and it is available free […]


    The in-App purchase nightmare and how to prevent it

    toggle in app purchases off

    I read a report on the BBC Website this weekend about an unfortunate 5 year old racking up £1500 of In-App purchases while playing with a “Free” App downloaded on his parent’s iOS Device. The problem is that young children download these free apps with the idea that everything within it is free, free “Coins”, […]


    20% off ACTC training certification


    If you’re still umming and ahhing over taking your ACTC certification… then this is the month for you. Make sure that you take advantage of this limited 20% off “Easter Special” on the ACTC certification, which is only available this month. Why take ACTC? Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) certification builds on ACSP, and verifies […]


    How to access additional Menu Bar items

    apple training mountain lion

    Instead of hunting round each System Preference pane separately to see what can be added to the main menu bar, there is a magic folder nested within your System folder that contains a collection of Menu Bar items. Some of these can be toggled by a checkbox in System Preference panes, but some are extras! […]


    Lock! Lock! Come on, please lock!!!


    Without a doubt if I was stuck on a desert island the one item I would take would be my iPhone. It may sound stupid to love an inanimate object but I am in love with my iPhone. He even has a name… Percy! Percy’s always there, he makes me sound intelligent (thanks Google), he […]


    Add Spotlight comments on files without going into “Get Info”


    While teaching Support Essentials 10.8 today, which is part of the ACTC certification, I was asked how you could append the Spotlight comments on multiple files/folders without having to go into “Get Info” (⌘I) for each one separately. The simple answer is, Automator. Here’s how to do it. Launch Automator, choose Application from the document […]