• What’s new in iTunes 11?


    iTunes 11 is the biggest update for iTunes in a long time, here are some its newest features: New miniplayer iTunes always had a miniplayer, but it has been redesigned in iTunes 11 with new features. The way you switch to and from the miniplayer has changed. Instead of clicking the green button, now there […]


  • How to duplicate a file with the same file permissions

    duplicate exactly

    While teaching the new 10.8 Support Essentials course today, a student asked me an interesting question about the duplicate feature in OS X. When you secondary click on a file in OS X, one of the options listed is “Duplicate”. However if you then hold down the shift and option (alt) keys, the Duplicate option […]


    Podcast: Gatekeeper


    Hello and welcome to this Amsys Training podcast.  My name is John and today I will be talking you through one of the new features of Mountain Lion, Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper is a new security feature that has been included in Mountain Lion, designed to protect your mac from inadvertently downloading and installing malware and other […]


    Configuring Firefox for deployment


    Hello again and welcome to my first post of the year. As you may have guessed, I’ve recently been working with another education deployment and so have been a little bit busy! However, off the back of that project, I have found out some information I thought I’d share. As part of the deployment, I […]


    New OS X Security Course

    Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 14.38.02

    We will soon be launching a new OS X Mountain Lion security course, this will be an intense one day programme aimed at ACSA level system administrators. The course will cover the following topics: Managed Preferences Profiles Gatekeeper Sandboxing Filevault 2 Keychain Certificate Services Network Security Privacy Controls Firewalls Remote Lock/Wipe The day starts with […]


    When is an SMS not an SMS?


    By Richard Mallion When you send an SMS to a group on the iPhone! This my be common knowledge but it certainly caught me out and cost me some money as well. On New Years Eve, like a lot of people , I sent an SMS to a bunch of people (approx 50) wishing them […]


    How to use a wireless keyboard with your iPhone or iPod Touch


    Have you ever found yourself typing a large amount of text on your little iPhone or iPod Touch onscreen keyboard? What you may not realise is that you can connect any external wireless keyboard to an iPhone or iPod touch via Bluetooth. Also, with an external wireless keyboard connected, the ‘virtual’ onscreen keyboard disappears providing […]


    Christmas: A time for fun frolics and job hunting


    Shopping’s done and times are merry, looking forward to January? Christmas is not only a perfect time to freshen up your CV but is also the best time for starting your job hunt. Employers and recruitment agencies are winding down but they are still in the office. There is no time like the present to […]


    Gmail free email service to lose ActiveSync connectivity


    I was surprised to hear that Google are dropping support for ActiveSync connectivity used by iPhone’s (and other smart phones) to access Google free Gmail services which includes email, calendars and contacts from the 30th January 2013. It is important to note that support for ActiveSync will remain for paying GoogleApps customers. What does this […]


    Apple Updates iCloud’s Status Page


    By Richard Mallion iCloud and its associate services are becoming more and more important for iOS and OS X users. Apple has just updated their iCloud status page which now covers 32 services. Each one with an individual status. There is also a timeline which allows you to scroll back through the last few days […]