• Retail copies of Office 2013 are now tied to a single computer

    microsoft office 2013

    By Richard Mallion Microsoft recently launched their new edition of Microsoft Office, Office 2013, and with it there is a sting in the tail for the retail version. So what has changed? Previous versions of Microsoft Office only permitted one installation on one device but there was nothing stopping you from uninstalling Office and installing […]


  • Now you can have AirDrop for iOS


    By Richard Mallion Transferring files between iOS devices and OS X has always been problematic in its implementation. There are may ways you can achieve this ranging from WebDav servers, iCloud to simply emailing yourself the document concerned. A new app called “InstaShare” has arrived which mimics the simplicity of AirDrop on OS X. InstaShare […]


    When does a Mac become vintage?


    When we hear the word vintage, usually images of old designer clothing spring to mind, but now the word is becoming increasingly associated with our beloved Mac. Over the last 10 years we have seen many changes to Apple’s software and hardware as the company continues to maintain its standards of innovation, style and progression. […]


    OS X & iOS Summer Camp is back!


    It’s that time of year again to announce… our most popular (and exotic) event in our training calendar, the OS X & iOS Summer Camp.   Escape the inevitable rain, daily commute and cancelled BBQs at this year’s summer camp. This 7 day event will  be returning to the golden coastline of the Algarve in Portugal and […]


    Apple releases updates to their Airport range

    pple releases updates to their Airport range.

    Apple recently released an update to their Airport Utility and also an updated version of the firmware for their Airport Base stations. Airport Utility 6.2 for OS X 10.7.5 and later contains improvements and bug fixes, including: The ability to extend the Guest WiFi network on a network that is configured with multiple Airport Base Stations […]


    Apple introduces AppStore.com urls for iTunes Store


    During the Super Bowl over the weekend, Apple introduced their new AppStore.com urls for the iTunes/Mac App store. Historically Apple have provided each App on the iTunes or Mac App store with a unique URL. For instance the iTunes url for our revision app is https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/revise-it/id480682657?mt=8. Not that friendly. The equivalent AppStore.com url is http://www.appstore.com/reviseit. This is […]


    Mountain Lion text bug causes apps to crash


    By Richard Mallion A text entry bug has been discovered in Mountain Lion which causes most apps to crash. The bug is this: If you open an app that supports text entry, for instance TextEdit, and type in: The app will shortly crash. The capital F is important. I have tried this with many applications […]


    UPnP: Is your firewall safe?


    By Richard Mallion A recent security vulnerability in the UPnP protocol has left millions of firewalls open to security breaches from external sources a recent report has revealed. UPnP is a protocol designed to make configuration of firewalls easy and transparent. UPnP allows automatic configuration of  firewalls without user intervention. This has been a great […]


    Will Surface bring open-source to tablet development


    The tablet market is becoming increasingly competitive at the moment, with Microsoft releasing its much anticipated Surface, Apple its hugely popular iPad mini and other competitors such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble entering the arena. Apple has a closed ecosystem when it comes to apps, whilst Google and the Android platform is a lot […]


    How to use Time Machine 10.8 podcast


    Hello and welcome to this Amsys Training Podcast about time machine. My name’s Hugo and today I will be taking you through the 1st episode of a series of 3 about Time Machine in 10.8. In this podcast we will be talking about: An overview of Time Machine How to setup Time Machine How to […]