• How to uninstall and delete apps on a Mac


    Recently, while teaching our 10.8 Support Essentials courses, my delegates have been frequently asking whether it is possible to remove all files related to an App when it is deleted. (Mainly Windows Users wishing to have similar functionality on the Mac) By default there are three ways in which to remove an application from your […]


  • Mac Meetup #4 – next week!


    Mac Meetup #4 is just around the corner and after Mac Meetup #3 in May we thought we would stay at The Crown and Two Chairmen as there was such a great atmosphere, as well as some decent beers on offer!! Plus, it will be a couple of weeks following WWDC therefore there will be […]


    How to add the ‘Quit’ option to the Finder’s application menu


    To continue on with my ‘how to disable’ defaults-write series, here’s a great one that I have used in the past. Firstly, I should clearly state that it is VERY rare for a Mac to be poorly, so this should hopefully never have to be used! Having said this though, if you ever find yourself […]


    New Training Course: Mac Management Basics 10.8


    Apple announced an exciting new certification last month: Apple Certified Associate (ACA) – Mac Management 10.8 I’ve been busy over the past few weeks creating a fantastic course for technicians who would like to learn the content for this exam in an interactive, hands-on class in true Amsys fashion. Our new Mac Management Basics 10.8 […]


    Apple moves away from AFP


    In an interesting move, Apple have announced that they will start migrating away from the AFP file sharing protocol to SMB2 with OS X Mavericks. Ever since classic Mac OS, AFP has been Apple’s preferred file sharing protocol. While Apple maintained AFP, the rest of the industry, lead by Microsoft, developed an alternate file sharing […]


    Our favourite new features from WWDC 2013


    Following yesterday’s keynote at WWDC, we wanted to share with you which newly added features and updates we’re most looking forward to and why… we would also love to hear your thoughts, so let us know in the comments section below! Daryl McCartney – Apple Trainer OS X Mavericks Multiple Display Feature. Big issue since […]


    More reasons to get a developer account


    Yesterday was Apple’s most important keynote for a long, long time and boy did they announce some interesting stuff. A whole host of new software and hardware announcements where made. Apple’s next incarnation of OS X , ‘Mavericks’, was announced, switching from the cat names we are so used to. Boasting over 200 new features […]


    Single App Mode: How to automatically hide all but the active application in OS X.


    To get back to my ‘how to disable’ defaults-write series, here’s a good one that I use myself whilst performing demos in my training courses. ‘Single App Mode’ is the ability to force the Finder to only display the active application and automatically hide all the others. This is perfect for demos and within my […]


    How to stop this permissions issue happening after an Archive & Install


    Recently I had to perform an Archive and Install on my machine as it kept freezing, since doing this, however, it created a really annoying issue.  Whenever I tried to make a change to a file that existed on the desktop or documents folder before the re-install it would ask for my username and password. […]


    OS X quick tip – You can teach an old dog new tricks


    Here’s a quick tip that proves you can teach an old dog new tricks. After all the years of using OS X one of our ex whipper snappers showed this to me the other day, so thank you Mr Phelps. We know that from the Finder Go menu you can Go to Folder (Shift-cmd-G) and […]