• Lock! Lock! Come on, please lock!!!


    Without a doubt if I was stuck on a desert island the one item I would take would be my iPhone. It may sound stupid to love an inanimate object but I am in love with my iPhone. He even has a name… Percy! Percy’s always there, he makes me sound intelligent (thanks Google), he […]


  • Add Spotlight comments on files without going into “Get Info”


    While teaching Support Essentials 10.8 today, which is part of the ACTC certification, I was asked how you could append the Spotlight comments on multiple files/folders without having to go into “Get Info” (⌘I) for each one separately. The simple answer is, Automator. Here’s how to do it. Launch Automator, choose Application from the document […]


    An interview with Charles Edge – Part 1

    mac os x lion server charles edge

    Author of Using Mac OS X Lion Server: Managing Mac Services at Home and Office and the recently released Instant Apple iOS Configuration Utility How-to, as well a speaker on the conference circuit including, DefCon, BlackHat, LinuxWorld, Macworld and the WorldWide Developers Conference,  Charles Edge has  built a well deserved, solid, reputation within the Mac […]


    How to switch off Mail app preview for attachments


    How many times have you tried to open a mail message but the mail just freezes because it’s building the previews for the message attachments? By default the Mail app provides a preview of any attachments it can read, however, you can turn it off by running a simple Terminal command: defaults write com.apple.mail DisableInlineAttachmentViewing […]


    5 useful OS X timesaving tips

    time saving tips for os x

    If you have a preferred shortcut or tip that we haven’t yet featured, please feel free to add them in the comments below or email, blog@amsys.co.uk and we’ll include them in a future blog.   1. Add your signature to PDFs Forget about printing off a document in order to sign it and then scan […]


    How to toggle “Do Not Disturb” for Notification Center


    I have grown to like the Notification Center feature of OS X Mountain Lion. However, there are times when I am teaching and I want to disable Notifications temporarily. I might be demoing something on the projector at the time I receive a new email, Tweet or Facebook message which may not be appropriate during […]


    Social networking: A candidate’s best friend (or worst enemy)


    As I’m sure you are all aware, this is the age of social networking. There has never been a better time to use various social media platforms to give yourself a little boost in sealing the deal with your next employer! Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and even rising stars such as Pinterest are amongst […]


    Automating repetitive file and folder tasks with Folder Actions Setup

    apple script

    Something I have found myself recommending to users in my training courses every now and then is a handy built-in OS X feature for automating actions you regularly perform on files inside a folder. For example, perhaps you have taken lots of photos on holiday and want to convert them from a JPEG to a […]


    Retail copies of Office 2013 are now tied to a single computer

    microsoft office 2013

    By Richard Mallion Microsoft recently launched their new edition of Microsoft Office, Office 2013, and with it there is a sting in the tail for the retail version. So what has changed? Previous versions of Microsoft Office only permitted one installation on one device but there was nothing stopping you from uninstalling Office and installing […]


    Now you can have AirDrop for iOS


    By Richard Mallion Transferring files between iOS devices and OS X has always been problematic in its implementation. There are may ways you can achieve this ranging from WebDav servers, iCloud to simply emailing yourself the document concerned. A new app called “InstaShare” has arrived which mimics the simplicity of AirDrop on OS X. InstaShare […]