• How to disable the Finder’s extension change warning


    To carry on with my ‘how to disable’ series, here’s a simple but useful tip. Do you find that the OS X Finder’s warning dialog to be fairly irritating when you’re deliberately changing file extensions? You know what you want to do and you don’t need the Finder to constantly keep checking that this is […]


  • Google Maps 2.0 with offline caching


    Google has just released version 2 of their Map app for iPhone and iPad. The new version brings a whole host of new features including: • New iPad Design • Live traffic updates • A new rating system for places • Indoor maps But the most interesting feature is that Google Maps now has a […]


    How to Force Quit a specific Application

    force quit osx apps

    I’m sure you must have used the Force Quit command at one time or another with an application that is not responding. The keyboard shortcut to display the Force Quit dialogue is Command + ALT + ESC which brings up a list of open applications you can choose to Force Quit. If the application that […]


    Free Mac & iOS events this Summer


    This Summer we are hosting a couple of free events for our friends, colleagues and clients! The third installment of the Manchester Mac Meetup has also been planned for August and will be hosted by The Sharp Project, a huge creative hub for digital production agencies and entrepreneurs! If you would like to attend any […]


    OS X MIB & MMB added to Revise IT’s latest update!


    Revise IT, the Amsys Revision Aid for OS X certifications, has just been updated and now includes: Mac Integration Basics 10.8 (9L0-408) Mac Management Basics 10.8 (9L0-414) As well as: OS X Support Essentials 10.8 (9L0-412) OS X Server Essentials 10.8 (9L0-518) OS X Support Essentials 10.7 (9L0-410) OS X Server Essentials 10.7 (9L0-412) The […]


    How to enable Mission Control to display full size previews

    How to Disable Mission Control and Spaces in OS X.

    Another blog to add to my ‘how to disable’ defaults-write series… I quite often use Mission Control to help me navigate through my open apps and documents. Now Mission Control groups previews of windows from the same app together which is handy. It also has a useful feature, where you can hover the cursor over […]


    Mac Meetup #5 – Mac & iOS Quiz Night!


    Join us for the 5th Mac Meetup this July. When: 23rd July, from 6pm Where: The Warwick, 1-2 Warwick Street, W1B 5LR This month we will be hosting a special Apple Mac Quiz, featuring 5 Mac and iOS related categories, where the winner takes all (£1 entry)! Please register online here. We will be returning […]


    How to disable the Finder’s ‘Connect to Server’ option


    Here’s another great little snippet to add to my ‘how to disable’ series! The OS X Finder’s ‘Connect to Server’ menubar option allows a user to specify a network address to connect to for services such as file sharing and VNC. If you decide that you don’t want users to be able to access the […]


    Final chance to save your Google Reader Feeds

    Google Reader Icon

    Google Reader is scheduled to close for good on the 1st July. It’s been the mainstay for RSS feeds for many years. If you are still using Google Reader then you really need to act quickly. Backup your Google Reader account: If you haven’t found a suitable replacement for Google Reader then you should at […]


    Thanks for coming to Mac Meetup #4


    Hey MMUs, Thanks so much for attending yesterday’s event, it was absolutely fantastic to see so many new faces and hope that everyone had an enjoyable evening! As all MMUs will be on the last Tuesday of each month, the next one shall be on the 30th of July, so just over a month away. […]